Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Turkey freaks over "Israeli spy bird"

Turkey freaks over "Israeli spy bird"

Add another member to the Zionist Attack Zoo.
A bird found in Turkey, with markings indicating it was from Tel Aviv, has been called an Israeli spy by Turkish media.

The already dead bird was caught by beekeepers. Besides the words "Tel Aviv Israel" they saw the most nefarious tag saying "C43917," obviously a secret spy code.

The bird's left nostril was three times the size of its right nostril, leading Turkish authorities to conclude that it might be hiding spy equipment in its beak. 

It took a few days before Turkish media noted that researchers tag birds all the time to note migration patterns.

One article noted that Turkey accused Moscow of using spy birds over 60 years ago.

This bird is clearly a martyr for the Zionist cause. I hope that his or her body can be returned so Israel can give it a proper burial with the full military honors it deserves.(After the secret photos are extracted from its beak electronics, of course.)