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Palestine - Ethnic Cleansing

Palestine - Ethnic Cleansing

What you always wanted to know about it.

This page tells you all about the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, and the massacres and war crimes that were committed and planned for Palestine.

Palestine: Genocide and Racism

The leader of the Palestinian national movement was the Grand Mufti Hajj Amin Al Husseini, a confidant of Adolf Hitler and Adolf Eichmann. This liberal gentleman explained to all who cared to know that his solution for the "Jewish Problem" in Palestine was the same as that adopted in Europe: Murder of the Jews. He proceeded to bend every effort to put his plan into action.
Here is a picture of this Palestinian Arab gentleman (left) with his friend.
Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine: Grand Mufti Hajj Amin al Husseini and  Mr. Hitler
See the man at the right? He is a famous racist, Adolf Hitler. Hajj Amin Al Husseini was planning to set up a death camp near the Palestinian city of Nablus, site of the ancient city of Shechem.

Palestine: Ethnic Cleansing and war crimes in Jerusalem

The picture below shows one result of ethnic cleansing in Palestine. It shows ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem. It is a picture of the Jewish quarter of the Old City in Jerusalem, after the Jews were ethnically cleansed from Jerusalem in 1948. The eviction of the Jews from the old city in Jerusalem, where they had lived for hundreds of years in the apartheid Jews quarter, was committed by an organized army. Therefore it is a war crime. The Jordanian war criminals were never punished.  Fifty eight of the fifty nine Jewish synagogues were destroyed, and the Jews were forcible evicted. Read more about The Ethnic Cleansing of Jerusalem
Palestine: Ethnic Cleansing in Jerusalem

Palestine: Ethnic Cleansing and war crimes in Gush Etzion

Here is another place where ethnic cleansing took place in Palestine, Gush Etzion. This is a guard post in Gush Etzion before it was ethnically cleansed by Palestinian Arab irregulars, with the aid the British imperialists and the Transjordan legion. The Legion and the forces they led are also responsible for the massacre of defenders who had surrendered at Gush Etzion, Since this crime was committed by an organized army, it is a war crime.
Palestine: Ethnic Cleansing in Gush Etzion
Read more about the Gush Etzion Massacre

More Ethnic Cleansing and Massacres in Palestine

Here are some more links about ethnic cleansing and massacres in Palestine, that went on for many years, in Hebron, in Safed, in Jerusalem and elsewhere, before the British Mandate and during the British Mandate.

The above do not include the massacres and expulsions of Jewish Palestinians during World War I, by the Turkish government and by Arab Palestinians. The Turks of course, had committed a different set of massacres and ethnic cleansing in Armenia. They used the war to settle old scores.

Palestine: Genocide

The above was a historical record. But history is happening now as well. Genocide is a crime, defined as such by international statute, and those who advocate it are war criminals. The Hamas, which is charge of the current Palestinian government, proclaims to the world that extermination of the Jews is a humanitarian objective.
You will recognize that the above was written  partly as a parody of the "pro-Palestinian" "Liberal" Web sites that rant about "Ethnic Cleansing" of Palestine by Jews or Zionists. However, it is sobering to realize that every word is true. These things really happened and are happening. The Mufti was a real Nazi, who trained SS troops and broadcast for the Third Reich, and organized a pro-Nazi coup in Iraq. His followers are in power in the Palestinian government today. The "civilized" Transjordanian legion, really did expel all the Jews of Jerusalem and not a soul did anything about it!

Don't forget to read about Palestine: The longest occupation in history - it is part of the story.

On the other hand, the claims that Israel is guilty of "ethnic cleansing" in Jerusalem are a fabrication. More Arabs live in Jerusalem today than ever lived in Jerusalem in all of recorded history - that is an irrefutable fact.