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Saving Muslims From Themselves

Saving Muslims From Themselves

After September 11 the reasonable thing to do would have been to take steps to save ourselves from Islamic terror, instead we went on a crusade to save Muslims from themselves. The latest stop on that crusade is Syria, where the foreign policy experts responsible for decades of horrifying misjudgements tell us that we are duty bound to save the Syrian people from their dictator.

Rarely do we ask why it is that Muslims so often need saving from their dictators. Or why a party that campaigned on improving America's reputation by promising not to bomb Muslims anymore, is now improving America's reputation by bombing so many Muslims and so often that it makes George W. Bush look like a tie dyed hippie.

The Obama Administration has had a role in regime change in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya all in one year. Along with the other "Friends of Syria" it would like to bomb its way to regime change in Syria. The point of all this regime change is to replace totalitarian Muslim regimes with democratically elected totalitarian Muslim regimes on the theory that will make everyone happier.

The reason why Muslim countries end up with dictators can be seen in the streets of Libya where militias run wild and former members of the regime and anyone with black skin is dragged off the street for torture sessions and a bullet in the back of the head. Peel away the presidents, colonels and other suit wearing tyrants fronting for an oligarchy and that is what every Muslim country will be reduced to.

To understand the problem with Syria, one only need look at neighboring Lebanon where every attempt at coalition building between different religious and ethnic groups has gone badly over and over again. The ruling Alawites have to hang on to power because the alternative is to be an oppressed minority. The Sunnis have to strive for power because the alternative is to be an oppressed minority. This pattern repeats itself across the region.

To the extent that Western multiculturalism works, it does so because Europeans and their descendants have agreed to cede some power and privileges to minority groups while maintaining confidence in the rule of law to protect equal rights for everyone. Such a state of affairs is ridiculously inconceivable in the countries that we are assuming will adopt that same value system.

The only form of protection for a minority in the Muslim world is to either seize power or form a coalition with the ruling party. Such coalitions are inherently fragile because tribal instincts of race and religion always end up overriding agreements. Mohammed's treaties weren't worthless just because he was a duplicitous power-mad figure, but because all treaties are worthless in the region. After his death, Islamic succession wound up being settled with assassination and civil war among his own family members and allies.

Muslims look to Islam as a central unifying principle of universal allegiance, but it's nothing of the sort. It's actually an excuse for constant internecine violence. Islam adds another layer of allegiances and another excuse for infighting that did not exist previously. Underneath the robes and beards and Korans is yet another oligarchy with family mafias clutching their ill gotten gains, as is the case in Iran and as will be the case in Egypt, where the Brotherhood has already gotten a head start.

Under conditions like this how can democracy exist as anything other than a temporary state of affairs? When there is an overwhelming majority in favor of one religion, it becomes nothing more than a rubber stamp for tyrants, as was the case in the Egyptian elections. When the country is sufficiently divided along religious lines, as is the case in Iraq, it becomes a prolonged struggle with both sides marking their positions and building their coalitions in preparation for a civil war.

Acting as if all this can be resolved with a few lessons on democracy is absurd, especially when such problems linger on even in the countries doing the teaching, just ask the Flemish or the Basque. Nations can only overcome such divisions when they have shared higher values to strive for. The only "higher value" there is Islam and it is only another source of sectarian strife.

The modern state did not emerge overnight in Europe and while the colonization of the Middle East has left behind the facades of modern states which employ some of the ritual and custom of their colonizers, they are not modern states. Often they are not even states at all. They are clans operating in cities built for them by foreigners, using technology sold to them by foreigners and going through the motions of a republic built for them by foreigners.

Behind the facade, the clan trumps the state, religion trumps the state and the state exists mainly as a vehicle for the ambitions of influential families who run the whole thing for their own benefit while providing some subsidies to the rest of the country. Overthrow one family and another rises in its place. Some will be more horrid than others. Saddam was a monster even by the standards of the region. The Assads are worse than some, but better than others.

Taking down Assad will not save Syria, it will transfer power from the Alawites, a Shiite splinter sect, to the Sunnis and the Muslim Brotherhood. This won't just be bad for the Alawites, it will be bad for the Christians and the other minorities still in Syria. In Egypt, the ethnic cleansing of the Copts has already begun, though the media won't comment on it. In Syria there have already been some militia attacks. And it will only get worse.

Only one calculation should be used to determine whether we remove Assad from power and that is whether removing him from power will be good for us. It has been amply demonstrated to us that we cannot save Muslims from themselves, we cannot drag them a thousand years ahead in time just because they use cell phones and have prime ministers. Externally imposing progress does not work. Especially across cultures which have to make their own adaptations and their own journey upwards.

The misbegotten crusade to save Muslims from themselves, to act as missionaries of democracy has cost us more lives than September 11 and to no purpose. There was something noble about the belief that we could march our troops in, liberate a people from their tyrant and their spirits would open up and a new world would be born. That belief however was rooted in a secularized religious ideal that was layered over with American exceptionalism. But the whole point of exceptionalism is that it is not universal. America is not the inevitable outcome, it is a series of accommodations and experiments that derive from a particular set of histories. It cannot be generalized or universally applied.

We cannot save Muslims from themselves, we can however save ourselves from their turmoil, their religiously influenced violence and their cultural instability. The more we try to reach out to them, the more we are at risk of importing their violence and instability.

The job of governments is not to sell our way of life to others, it is to protect that way of life from others. It is about time that we stopped being the world's benefactor, psychiatrist and policeman, and began looking after our own interests first. That doesn't mean isolationism, it doesn't rule our friendships with other countries, but those friendships should be in our interest.

Like the homeowner who kicks out his family and fills his living room with drug addicts from the street, for too long the United States has pandered to the violent dysfunction of troubled countries and peoples, while neglecting its interests and allies. It has all but abandoned its traditional ties and become obsessed with fixing trouble spots. These bouts of social work have been expensive and they have not worked.

It's time that we stopped trying to save people from themselves and began trying to save ourselves. While we have been teaching good government to others, our own government has become rotten. While we have spent money on others, we are running out of money. While we have taken in the huddled masses of the world yearning to take us for all we've got, our own lives and families are in danger.

A new age of terror is here. It's time to face up to it. To stop saving Muslims from ourselves and to work to save ourselves and our kin from them.

A Muslim scholar explains why Jerusalem is not in the Koran

A Muslim scholar explains why Jerusalem is not in the Koran

I was browsing through the Quds Media site, which is one of the sources for some of the more ridiculous rumors about Israel and the Al Aqsa Mosque, and which has an English version. While there I saw this article:
Jerusalem in the Qur’an is a great book that thrilled and delighted me in a number of ways. I am surprised that such a meticulously documented book had to wait for such a long time before seeing the light. ...May Allah Ta’ala reward Brother Imran Hosein for writing this scholarly document, which will indeed fill up this intellectual and religious gap and serve as an academic reference to Muslims in all parts of the world. As I write this introduction, this book that was published only this year is already being translated to Arabic and Bosnian. In a short time it will be rendered into other European languages and to all the other tongues of the Islamic world.
Wow! a book about Jerusalem in the Quran when Jerusalem is not in the Quran!

I found an Internet version of the book, and to call it "scholarly" is, well, a bit misleading. The author spends much of the book on peripheral issues and bashing Israel. But when you dig in to find the meat of his laughable argument, you find this:
It is strange, mysterious, and enigmatic, … that the name of the city ‘Jerusalem’ (Arabic ‘Quds’ or ‘Bait al-Maqdis’) does not appear in the Qur’an! Yet so many of the Prophets mentioned in the Qur’an had links with that Holy City, and in it is located that only other House of Allah, apart from those built in Makkah and Madina, ever built by a Prophet of Allah, Most High. Not only is that House of Allah (Masjid al-Aqsa) mentioned in the Qur’an but so, also, is the miraculous night-time journey in which Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) was taken from Makkah to Jerusalem and to that House of Allah. Perhaps the reason for this mysterious treatment of the subject is located in the Islamic view that Jerusalem is destined to play a central crucial role in the Last Age. Hence there was, perhaps, a divine need to cloud the name of the city, as well as its destiny, with a sacred cloud that would not be lifted until the appropriate time had come, and Jerusalem was poised and ready to play its role in the End of History.
There you go! The Quran doesn't mention Jerusalem because it is too darn holy!

In fact, this neatly explains not only why Jerusalem is not in the Koran, but why Islamic scholars ignored their supposedly third-holiest city for hundreds of years!
This, perhaps, explains the almost total absence of Islamic literature on the subject of the destiny of Jerusalem, something to which Dr. Ismail Raji al-Faruqi referred when he lamented:“Unfortunately, there is no Islamic literature on the subject” (see Ch. 1). The fact is that no one could have written on this subject until that time arrived when the cloud was lifted. This book was written in consequence of the conviction that the cloud is now being lifted.

You see? Jerusalem is more holy than Mohammed, more holy than Hajj, more holy than Zakat, more holy than prayer, more holy than the prophets - because they are all mentioned prominently in the Quran, but Jerusalem isn't.

The "proofs" in the book are even more ridiculous. The author claims that when the Quran mentions a "town" it means Jerusalem, and his first proof is the Quranic use of the word "town" referring to where the Jews lived - while they were in the desert.

I think that by using this logic we can deduce that Mickey Mouse is even more holy than Jerusalem in Islam, because Mickey isn't even hinted at!

Hear, O Israel: the Lord is our God, the Lord is One.

Hear, O Israel: the Lord is our God, the Lord is One.

by Eliana Benador
The sun is setting on this Februray 29th, 2012, and so begins the Yahrzeit of the five members of the Fogel family in Itamar, Judea and Samaria, in Israel, and who were massacred last year at the hands of members of a sub-human species.  
It was Shabbat night, as the Fogels went to bed, they were seven of them -the only one missing  was their oldest daughter, Tamar, 12-years old, who as most Jewish children her age, was spending some time with nearby friends until midnight when she headed back home.

Little did Tamar know that her life had just, brutally, changed forever.
Monsters had entered her home, found her family asleep... And the night of horror began, they proceeded with the butchery. So, when Tamar went inside with a neighbor,  she saw her mother, father, three siblings (aged eleven, three and three-months-old) with their throats cut.
Baby_Hadassah_FogelThe sub-human monsters had beheaded baby Hadassah, aged ony 3-months old. 
And yet...  and yet, what was the response of the Netanyahu government?
Nothing, other than order the construction of 400 housing units...  as if that was enough punishment for the horror committed against the Jewish Fogel family.  A few days later, I happened to meet one of the most important rabbis in New York, this man of G-d explained to me that “Bibi has to be careful with the political needs and situations...”  To which, I plainly asked how could a ‘man of G-d,’ who reads Torah on a daily basis, say that Netanyahu “has” to follow the political demands of his job...?”  Whoever is a Torah erudite, in my book, at any rate has to believe in G-d above and foremost.
Secular, godless Jews are at the head of the Israeli government.  The so-called religious leaders of the Jewish people, are Torah erudite, but they fail to inspire their brethren in the faith of G-d, the Jealous G-d of the Jewish nation. 
However, the Fogels have not been the only victims of Muslim Palestinian terrorism, there have been many others, as Giulio Menotti mentions in his recent article, “The Silence of the West:”“Who knows the name of Shalhevet Pass, the Hatuels and the Shabos? Or Danielle Shefi from Adora, who was shot by terrorists while she was playing in her parents’ bedroom? Who remembers the name Shaked Avraham, a seven-month-old girl from Negohot, who was killed by a terrorist who infiltrated the community while residents were celebrating Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year? Shaked had just started walking at the time of her murder.”
While many commentators complain about the silent indifference of the world at large, it is time to make an assessment of the situation in Israel proper since the Fogel massacre and analyze what the implications have been within the Israeli society, the government attitude, as well as the policies and measures instituted by the Israeli Defense Forces  (IDF).

At the Origin of the Problem: The Erev Rav

Judea_and_Samaria-StarOfDavidWhen God created our world and mankind, goodness was given to us, and so was  the not-goodness part of this world. Human beings will justly ask why would God give us both good and evil?    A legitimate question indeed, especially given that in the world of Judaism, our innermost leitmotiv is the fact and conviction that we believe in Only One God, the Only One, the Holy One.  
In Judaism, we understand that the raison-d’etre of our mere existence is to abide by the laws of God given in the Torah.  And, just as the planets, the stars and galaxies have a defined path, so do we and everything else in this world.  And, having granted us the faculty of intelligence, we have the impression that we have “free will,”  when in fact,  our situation is the most disadvantageous, because we are supposed to choose right -or else...   And, if you doubt it, kindly refer to your History books and you will see what happened to the Roman Empire, the Greeks and so many more.  
The Erev Rav, or the mixed multitude, are those who turn their back on the teachings of the Torah, those who believe they have a total command of the situation, and what’s worse, that the world and what it contains is only waiting for those people to make some changes, like climatic adjustments or more, without realizing that absolutely everything is in G-d’s Hands.

The Erev Rav and the IDF

“The entire 974 generations (Hagiga 14.) which are `Erev Rav which are the souls from the world of chaos, G-d transplants them every generation, and they are the bold-faced of the generation. Our Sages said that in the period of "messiah's footsteps" impudence will become great... and the `erev rav will return to be the shepherds of Israel" 
Such are the Jewish political and military leaders who, regardless of the fact that they may belong to the right wing conservative Likud or be among the highest ranking of generals in the IDF, they end up giving orders to demolish the homes of Jews, and they are the same ones that facilitate the brainwashing of young soldiers, especially the lone soldiers who are the actual warriors who abandon family and fortune in many cases, together with friends and comfort, to travel the whole world with the personal altruistic ideal of defending the Jewish people and the Land of Israel, which was given to the Jews by God Himself.
Some even question if the Government of Israel has the legal and moral right to order the IDF to destroy lawfully-created Israeli communities and exile Jews, just as they did in Gush Katif, and continue nowadays -and for which they employed brainwashing methods -so that they could get Jewish committed soldiers to do the damn job they were put in charge to do.

The Koran against Judaism

Non-Muslims are considered second-class citizens, therefore it is not surprising that  deep anti-Jewish sentiments abound in the Koran, the Hadith or the Muslim traditions, and in the life of the Prophet, who had the men of the Jewish tribe of Banu Quraysa -between six and nine hundred individuals beheaded publicly.
A report by the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies released in 2009 concluded that “the state of human rights in the Arab countries” had worsened compared to 2008. 
After watching the Arab Spring unravel, why would anyone think that there is hope of positive change in the Muslim world?
Then, there is the perennial issue of Taqqiya within the Muslim world.  Taqqiya is the
doctrine of pious fraud or religious distortion of the truth or dissimulation, in order to
advance the Muslim agenda of world domination.·
Thus, there is no possible reason here for the Israeli leadership to behave as ignorant neighbors in a region where all want their destruction and the annihilation of the tiny G-d Given Land of Israel.

Chillul Hashem

This is the Desecration of the Name (Hebrew: חילול השם‎ khillul ha-shem,) which means the desecration of the names of God in Judaism, and it is a term used in Judaism particularly for any act or behavior that casts shame or brings disrepute to belief in God, any aspect of the Torah's teachings, Jewish law, or the Jewish community.

Chillul Hashem in Israel is to raise Jewish children without the teachings of the Torah, it is also to elect inadequate candidates who abhor religion.  It is also to allow all kind of godless behavior to prosper in the Land God gave to us as Jews.


 In the name of righteousness, it is imperative that Israel get a God-abiding leadership that recognizes the enemy who wishes the destruction of the tiny country.  It is imperative that the Government of Israel stops brainwashing and indoctrinating the young idealistic soldiers and uses them as their weapons against their own people -while taking all precautions to avoid shooting a terrorist and by doing so, endangering the lives of the young soldiers and of the Jewish population.

Soldiers don’t go to battle to talk or to protect the enemy.  Soldiers’ jobs are to wage war and stop the enemy from attacking.

It’s imperative that the Israeli leadership stop cornering the IDF soldiers, forcing them into involuntary suicide.
Any soldier in the world joins the military to fight the enemy, and do whatever needs to be done to neutralize them.

The Real Enemy of the Jews and the Land of Israel

 Jews in the Land of Israel and worldwide are under siege in a conspicuous, insolent, shameful way.  What’s morally wrong is now morally right.  The world is now standing upside down and walking in reverse mode.

Antisemitism is on the rise...  And yet, we Jews were brought to this world in order to aim for Tikkun Olam, be the light to the world which is willingly entering the longest darkness of their lifetimes.  And, while the world’s indifference and animosity towards the Jews conspicuously grows by the day, the essence of our existence imposes on us a more strict moral standard of living in which God is our Light and our Rock.

We, God abiding Jews, have the responsibility to keep God’s Will, following His Commandments, and instructions to help make this a better world.

In Memoriam of the Fogels and All the Fallen

As we commemorate the first Yahrzeit of the brutal murder at the hands of sub-humans, it behooves us to pledge to keep the torch alive so that not one of us enters the darkness of darkness.  And that, in the name and memory of all our fallen we promise, ourselves and those who believe and depend on us, that we will stand up to adversity and will transform it into God’s Victory, as we continue in our path of Tikkun Olam...
No matter how hard the tests that should come our way, it is we who must have emunah, faith in Him, for He holds us in His Mighty Fists...
The day we will never doubt that, there will never be enemy too big to destroy us, because, as G-d says in Psalm 50: "If I were hungry, I would not tell you; for the world is mine, and all that fills it."
So, let's have endless, infinite trust, faith in G-d, He is Our Shield, Our Rock, and no enemy will have the slightest opportunity to harm us and our people worldwide...
May God Bless the Land of Israel and His Children, the Jewish people, and our devoted and loyal friends worldwide.
 We, Jews, are the light of this world, by God’s Will.·

Getting to the Bottom of the Middle East Conflict

Getting to the Bottom of the Middle East Conflict

On September 21, 2011, US President Obama proclaimed at the UN General Assembly, "There is one issue that stands as…a test for American foreign policy, and that is the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians." President Obama assumes that the Palestinian issue is a root cause of Middle Eastern turbulence, the crown jewel of Arab policy-making, and the crux of the Arab–Israeli conflict. Is it?
The ROOT CAUSE of Turbulence?
Irrespective of the Palestinian issue, 2011 has catapulted the anti-Western Muslim Brotherhood—the Big Brother of Hamas terrorists—to political prominence in Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco and soon in Jordan and other Arab countries. The rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, and other Islamic parties, is a derivative of a 1,400-year-old supremacy of Islam in the educational, social, and political sectors in every Arab country.
Independent of the Palestinian–Israeli conflict, imperialistic and radical Muslim Iran—the West’s staunchest enemy—could shortly become a nuclear power, a nightmare for the Persian Gulf, Middle East, and global regimes. Unless preempted militarily, a nuclear Teheran would fuel global turbulence to unprecedented heights.
Regardless of Israel's own policies and existence, 2011 has exposed the Middle East as the role model of intra-Arab/Muslim violence, volatility, shifty one-bullet and one-revolution regimes, tenuous policies and alliances, instability, uncertainty, unpredictability, corruption, hate education, treachery, non-compliance with agreements, and intra-Muslim/Arab fragmentation along tribal, ethnic, religious, ideological, and geographic lines.
Unrelated to the Palestinian issue, the Saudi–Yemen border is boiling; intra-Muslim terrorism proliferates; post-Mubarak Egypt could follow the anti-US Turkish or even Iranian path; the Sudan and the Horn of Africa are saturated with conflicts; the Islamization of Turkey's policy fosters regional radicalization; and Lebanon remains an arena for violent domestic and intra-Arab conflicts.
Distinct from the Palestinian issue, the US is evacuating Iraq and will evacuate Afghanistan. The evacuation of Iraq, without bringing terrorism to submission—along with a hesitant US policy towards Iran and North Korea—is perceived by rivals and enemies of the US as a lack of endurance and an extension of the evacuation/retreat from Lebanon (1958), Vietnam (1973), Lebanon (1983), and Somalia (1993).
It undermines the US posture of deterrence and pumps adrenalin into the veins of terrorists. Therefore, the evacuation will fuel turmoil in Iraq and Afghanistan, advance Iran's posture, and jolt Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and other Gulf States. It may entice Islamic terrorists to chase the evacuating US military all the way to the US mainland.
These, and many other conflicts, hemorrhage the region, facilitating Russian, Chinese, and North Korean penetration of the region while leveraging the US withdrawal. None of the above is impacted by the lack of an Israeli–Palestinian accord!
Notwithstanding the Arab–Israeli conflict, Libya and Iran were transformed in 1969 and 1979 respectively, via revolutions, from pro-US to anti-US regimes. In 1980 and in 1990, Iraq abrogated peace accords, invading Iran and Kuwait. In 1990, pro-US King Hussein collaborated with Saddam's invasion of Kuwait. In 2002, pro-US Turkey switched over from NATO-oriented to Islam-oriented policy, courting Russia, Iran, Hizbullah and Hamas, and additional rivals and enemies of the West. In 2003, a radical regime was trounced in Baghdad, but in 2012, Baghdad could become an active volcano, spreading lava throughout the region.
Welcome to the real Middle East, whose major shifty and violent developments are not driven, even remotely, by the Palestinian issue.
The CROWN JEWEL of Arab Policy-making?
Contrary to conventional wisdom, the Palestinian issue is not a primary Arab concern. Pro-Western, oil-producing Persian Gulf leaders are traumatized by and preoccupied with the lethal Iranian nuclear threat, by the raging Arab street, and by a potential Iraqi "earthquake" in the aftermath of the US evacuation.
The pro-Western Hashemite regime of Jordan is alarmed by the Muslim Brotherhood surge in the Middle East, possibly also in neighboring Syria, and by the growing discontent among its Bedouin power base in southern Jordan. Strategically-critical Turkey is becoming more Islam-driven and less Western-oriented; the pro-Western Moroccan monarchy is imperiled by the ripple effects of the Tunisian, Libyan, and Egyptian turmoil; Islamic terrorism is gaining ground; Russia, China, and North Korea are expanding their penetration into the Middle East while the US posture of deterrence is eroding substantially.
However, while the Middle East is burning—irrespective of the Palestinian issue—President Obama is highlighting the Palestinian issue. But, his Palestinian policy is invalidated by the real Middle East, which highlights 1,400-year-old roots of intra-Arab/Muslim turbulence. Could the less than 100-year-old Arab–Israeli conflict be the core cause of the 1,400-year-old Islamic reality in the Middle East?!
Arab leaders have never considered the Palestinian issue their prime concern, but a tool in intra-Arab political and military battles and a pawn against Israel. They are concerned about a potential Palestinian-driven domestic upheaval (“Lebanonization”) as was caused by the PLO in Lebanon in the 1970s. [The PLO was eventually routed from Lebanon by the Israelis during the 1982 Lebanon War to bring peace to Israel’s northern border.] Arab leaders consider the Arafat–Abu Mazen (or Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority‘s current chairman) wing of the Palestinians a source of treachery and subversion.
Abu Mazen
Unlike Western policy-makers, they accord significant weight to the expulsion of Abu Mazen, Arafat, and other PLO leaders—for subversion and treachery—from Egypt in the late 1950s, from Syria in 1966, from Jordan in 1970, from Lebanon in 1982/3, and from Kuwait in 1991. The latter expulsion was triggered by Abu Mazen’s and Arafat’s collaboration with Saddam Hussein’s invasion and plunder of Kuwait, which offered the PLO a unique safe haven, economically, politically, socially and diplomatically.
Arab leaders marshal their rhetoric, but not their resources, on behalf of Palestinians. For example, during the October 2010 Arab Summit in Libya, Arab leaders pledged [US] $500 million to the Palestinians—only seven percent was ever delivered. More than $2 billion was pledged by the Arabs in support of the first and second Palestinian intifadas (uprisings, 1987–92 and 2000–06) against Israel, but less than $500 million reached the Palestinians. During the 1980s, Saudi financial support of the PLO was only 10% of Riyadh’s financial support of the anti-Soviet Muslims in Afghanistan.
Haj Amin al-Husseini
Arab regimes did not actively support the PLO during its 1982 war in Lebanon against Israel, and they did not flex a significant muscle on behalf of the Palestinians during the 2008 war in Gaza. In fact, this has been the Arab attitude toward the Palestinian issue since 1948, irrespective of the identity of the Palestinian leader: Haj Amin al-Husseini (grand mufti of Jerusalem during the British Mandate), Shukeiri (first chairman of the PLO), Hammuda (chairman 1967–69), Arafat (1996–2004), Abu Mazen (2005 to present), or Haniyeh .(head of Hamas faction in Gaza).
The Red Carpet, which welcomes Palestinian leaders in the West, is transformed into a shabby rug when they land in Arab capitals.
The CRUX of the Conflict?
US policy-makers have contended that the Palestinian issue is the crux of the Arab–Israeli conflict, which supposedly is a key axis of regional Middle East geo-politics. Therefore, they assume, that the resolution of the Palestinian issue—via the establishment of a Palestinian state—would resolve the Arab–Israeli conflict, thus moderating the Middle East. Really?!
• Israel’s 1948 War of Independence was not fought by the Arabs because, or for, the Palestinians. Therefore, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, and Syria—which occupied Gaza, Judea, Samaria, and Hama (in the Golan Heights) respectively—did not transfer the area to the Palestinians.
• The 1956 Sinai War was triggered by Egyptian-sponsored Palestinian terrorism, aiming to advance Egyptian claims to the Negev by the Egyptian–French–British conflict over the Suez Canal and by Egyptian support of anti-French elements in North Africa and possibly by the Egyptian agitation in the Arabian Peninsula.• The 1967 Six Day War erupted in response to Egypt’s blockade of Israel’s southern (oil and commerce) waterway, Egypt’s violation of the Sinai demilitarization, and the Egypt–Syria–Jordan military axis aimed at Israel’s destruction.
• The 1969–70 War of Attrition along the Suez Canal took place irrespective of the Palestinian issue.• The 1973 Yom Kippur War (the most recent Arab–Israel war) was initiated by Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iraq, independent of the Palestinian issue.
 • The 1982 PLO–Israel War in Lebanon (preempting a grand scale PLO assault on northern Israel) was not transformed into an Arab–Israeli war. Arabs shed much rhetoric, not blood, on behalf of the Palestinians.
• The 1987–1992 first Palestinian intifada was not transformed into an Arab–Israeli war. There was no Arab military or financial support, only rhetoric.
• The 1994–2011 Oslo-triggered Palestinian terrorism has not been transformed into an Arab–Israeli war. Western financial aid to the Palestinian Authority dramatically exceeds Arab aid!
The Arab–Israeli conflict was not triggered by the Palestinian issue. The Palestinian issue has not been the “crown jewel” of Arab policy-making. A Palestinian state would undermine vital Western interests and values: exacerbating global terrorism; dooming the Hashemite and Persian Gulf moderate regimes; promoting radical regimes; providing a Mediterranean platform to Iran, Russia, and China; and rewarding the oppressors of Palestinian Christians and the role model of hate education.