Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fatah accuses Hamas of stopping election plans

Fatah accuses Hamas of stopping election plans....children, there is plenty of sand all over the middle east......so leave Israel and go there NOW!!!

From Fatah's WAFA news agency:
Azzam al-Ahmad, the head of Fatah delegation to the reconciliation talks with Hamas, Tuesday told WAFA that Hamas continues to prevent the Central Elections Commission (CEC) resulted from reconciliation talks from working in the Gaza Strip.

“It has been agreed that CEC will start working in December 23, 2011…Two months and a week later, Hamas still prevents the commission from working in Gaza without reason,” said al-Ahmad.

He indicated that some Hamas leaders in Gaza don’t want to end the Palestinian division to benefit their personal agenda, as well as he expressed hope that Hamas will end its internal dispute and reach an agreement regarding the formation of the interim government.
Hamas, for its part, isn't blaming Fatah for the failure of unity talks. They are blaming the US and Israel.

Since the unity deal signed last May, there has been essentially no progress.. But there are lots and lots of meetings and tons of blame.