Tuesday, February 28, 2012

'Palestinian Authority' to 'reconsider' cooperation with Israel

'Palestinian Authority' to 'reconsider' cooperation with Israel......The Phakenstinians never kept any agreement!!!

Maan is reporting that 'moderate' 'Palestinian' PresidentMahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen has told the Egyptian television channel CBC that the 'Palestinian Authority' will decide within ten days whether it will continue 'cooperation' with Israel.
In an interview with Egyptian channel CBC on Friday, President Mahmoud Abbas said the PA was planning a "major decision" in no more than 10 days, in response to the talks' failure.

PLO Executive Committee Hanna Amira told Ma'an the PA will reconsider its cooperation with Israel, and reactivate popular resistance against Israel's occupation. It will also consider taking its case to the UN General Assembly and Security Council.

"All alternatives are open in future, but that does not necessarily mean disbanding the PA," he added, referring to past threats to dissolve the Palestinian government.

Senior Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine member Qays Abdul-Karim told Ma'an that Abbas' measures would not break past agreements, but reevaluate their terms.

"The Israeli government has turned its back on all agreements and continues to impose facts on the ground through settlement expansion and the Judaization of Jerusalem … this cannot continue," he said.

Without any further talks on the horizon, the PA cannot continue to carry out its duties, Abdul-Karim added.
For the record, the past agreements place no restrictions whatsoever on Israeli construction in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem. None. But of course you won't see the 'Palestinians' admitting that.
The Arab League has largely accepted the Palestinian plans, and will protect the PA financially if Israel withholds tax again, Abdul-Karim said.

But Amira said Palestinian officials expect little support from the Arab League and Arab countries because of their current focus on the situation in Syria.
When has the Arab League - or any Arab country - ever fulfilled its financial promises to the 'Palestinian Authority'? Only the suckers in the West continue to pay the jizya to the 'Palestinians.' The Arab countries are happy to keep up the rhetoric, but they have no real interest in the 'Palestinians.' It's only the anti-Semitic Europeans who have truly taken the 'Palestinian' cause to heart.