Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Few Thoughts and Questions After Seven Days of Qur'an Riots

A Few Thoughts and Questions After Seven Days of Qur'an Riots

Day seven of the Muslim Qur'an burning riots witnessed the Taliban explode an airport in retaliation, Afghanistan announce that NATO has agreed to put American troops on trial over allah's burned books, Shia Islamists in Iran castigate the Muslim world for their "silence", and the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar issue the following statements in regards to the events that have transpired over the Qur'ans.

Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb 

  • "Al-Azhar does not accept any tampering with the Koran... or that it be attacked in a barbaric way,"
  • "It is a violation of the red lines which no Muslim can accept, aggression against the sacred values of human heritage."
  • "The military force (behind the) aggression should immediately leave Afghanistan,"
  • "The immediate departure from Afghanistan of these forces is the only solution to this crisis, in order for the Afghan people to decide by themselves their destiny,"

Al-Azhar is the senior most Sunni Muslim institution on the planet, and Iran is the Shia Muslim capital of the world. When the overall Qur'an burning situation is boiled down, Muslim governments, Islamic theological institutions, and "terror" groups (aka Mujahideen) on both sides of the Sharia family tree are banging their Jihad drums in unison. In that context, it's hard to escape the feeling that the storm clouds are gathering and it may well get ugly.

  • Is the simmering clash of the civilizations about to be brought to the point of boiling over because some paper was burned on which terrorists had written Jihad notes?
  • Will the marxist-in-chief inadvertently ignite a Patriot Spring in America by attempting to follow through on something as outrageous, unacceptable and psychotic as agreeing to supply our troops as sacrificial offerings to be slaughtered at the alter of allah's burned books?

I can't answer either question with certainty because there is quite a bit left to play out in the near future. That said, it sure seems like the environment is rapidly shaping up to be conducive to occurrences along those lines and on such a scale.