Sunday, February 26, 2012

Netanyahu response to Abu Mazen Speech

Netanyahu response to Abu Mazen Speech
Response to Abu Mazen's Speech

(Communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser)

In response to Palestinian Authority Chairman Abu Mazen's speech today
(Sunday), 26.2.12, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Bureau has released
the following:

"This is a harshly inflammatory speech from someone who claims that he is bent on peace. The time has come for the Palestinian leadership to stop denying the past and distorting reality. For thousands of years Jerusalem
has been the eternal capital of the Jewish People. Jerusalem, under Israeli sovereignty, will continue to be open to believers of all faiths. There is freedom of worship for all and Israel will continue to carefully maintain the holy places of all religions. Abu Mazen knows full well that there is no foundation to his contemptible remarks, including his baseless and
irresponsible claims regarding the Al Aqsa Mosque. The State of Israel expects that one who supposedly champions peace would prepare his people for
peace and coexistence and not disseminate lies and incitement. This is not how one makes peace."

'Abbas's speech about Jerusalem was incitement'.....ABBAS IS SO FULL OF IT!!
Netanyahu says Israel expects someone who is pro-peace not to "disseminate lies, incitement."

The Prime Minister's Office issued a harsh response to a speech by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on the future of Jerusalem, calling Abbas's comments "harshly inflammatory" from someone who "claims that he is bent on peace."

"Israel expects that one who supposedly champions peace would prepare his people for peace and coexistence and not disseminate lies and incitement," the statement said. "This is not how one makes peace."

The statement said that Jerusalem has been the eternal capital of the Jewish people for thousands of years, and that under Israeli sovereignty it will "continue to be open to believers of all faiths."  The statement said that Abbas "knows full well there is no foundation to his contemptible remarks."

Abbas on Sunday called on Arabs and Muslims to visit Jerusalem, saying this was not a form of "normalization" with Israel.

In a speech before the International Conference for Defending and Protecting Jerusalem in Doha, Abbas emphasized the need to bring the issue of Jerusalem before the UN Security Council.

"Visiting a prisoner is an act of support and does not mean normalization with the warden," Abbas said, comparing Palestinians to prisoners and Israel to the warden......(what an idiot!!!)

"Jerusalem should be the central title in relations between Arab and Islamic countries and the world."....(what a twist this is!!!)

Abbas accused Israel of working toward obliterating the Arab, Islamic and Christian character of east Jerusalem with the goal of "Judaizing" the city and consolidating it as its capital.....(Abbas needs to re-read his history....Jerusalem is JEWISH!!!)

He also accused Israel of pursuing a policy of ethnic cleansing and destroying Jerusalem's infrastructure and economic resources......(Abbas needs to read

Abbas urged Arab and Islamic countries to support the Palestinians in the city in various fields, including education, housing and health.

East Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Palestine and Israel's decision to annex east Jerusalem is null and void, the PA president told the conference....(what a LOAD!!)

Abbas also complained that since the early 1990's Israel has been preventing Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza Strip from visiting Jerusalem and the holy sites.

"Jerusalem is our identity; it is the beginning and the end for us," Abbas added. "Jerusalem is the key to peace and the beating heart of our homeland."...( Oh please, would you buy a used car from this man???)

The conference is being attended by representatives of some 70 countries, as well as an Israeli Arab delegation headed by MK Ahmed Tibi.

Robert Seri, special envoy of the UN Secretary-General to the Middle East, is also attending the conference.