Tuesday, May 15, 2012

For "Nakba Day" - an e-book that tells the truth

For "Nakba Day" - an e-book that tells the truth

This booklet, from Im Tirtzu, debunks the many "Nakba" myths that have become embedded into the standard narrative of the founding of Israel.

My only quibbles from a quick read-through:

The booklet quotes Efraim Karsh liberally but says that there were only 560,000 Arabs who left Israel in 1948.Karsh's number is between 583,000-609,000 Arab refugees.

The last chapter's title implies that all Palestinian Arabs were pro-Nazi, although it only talks (accurately) about the Mufti of Jerusalem. My research indicates that most PalArabs were ambiguous, not really supporting either side, although some clearly did. Also they happily used ex-Nazis to help them in 1948.

But in general this is a very good reference to show people the truth about the "Nakba."