Wednesday, May 16, 2012


IS THIS NOT WHAT ALL PHAKENSTINIAN GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS DO????...Former Arafat Advisor Faces Corruption and Embezzlement Charges

In February I reported that the Palestinian Authority was targeting Mohammad Rashid, a former advisor to Yasir Arafat. At the time Rashid was being targeted for his alleged ties to InLightPress, a website critical of the Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbas, which the Palestinian Authority blocked access to along with a number of other websites.

However, the targeting of Rachid has been ongoing for a number of years.

Mohammed Rashid is an Iraqi Kurd, who was Yasir Arafat’s senior economic adviser. He was formerly the head of the Palestine Investment Fund, however, he resigned in October 2004.  In March 2008, Ahmad Al-Mughani, the Attorney General of the Palestinian Authority, began an investigation into Rashid’s finances.

In February 2011, Bassam Abu Sharif, an adviser to Yasir Arafat, said that “the PA should seek Interpol’s help in locating Muhammad Rashid…and seize his assets.” In April 2011, Fatah announced plans to investigate allegations that Mohammed Dahlan and Mohammed Rashid were supplying Moammar Gadaffi with Israeli weapons originally given to the Palestinian Authority. In January 2012, the Palestinian Authority reportedly asked “Jordanian authorities to seize the assets of Mohammed Rashid.”

Now, Rafiq Natsheh, the head of the Palestinian Authority’s anti-corruption committee, says that the file against Rashid is complete. Rashid has been called on to appear before the Palestinian judiciary for interrogation and accountability for all charges against him. Most of the charges pertain to issues of corruption and embezzlement, in particular funds reportedly misused while he was part of the Palestine Investment Fund.

Thus far, Rashid has refused to appear before the judiciary and Palestinian officials are planning to seek out an international arrest warrant via Interpol. Requests have been sent to a number of countries where Rashid reportedly has assets asking them to freeze those assets.