Thursday, May 17, 2012


THEY NEED TO BE EXECUTED ON THE SPOT!!!..The men with the bombs and the pistols keep coming

Israeli Border Guard servicemen pose at the Kotel
in Jerusalem 
We have posted several reports in recent weeks about would-be terrorists being spotted and stopped at or very near  Tapuah Junction in the Shomron (Samaria District). The most recent of these was "7-May-12: Caught another would-be terrorist carrying pipe bombs". Tonight it's happened again.

Israel National News says two Palestinian Arab men were apprehended by alert Border Police officers during Nakba Day (Tuesday - today) after their conduct aroused suspicion. As with several other very similar recent incidents, the men's bags and clothing were searched, and they were found to be carrying four pipe bombs, an improvised pistol and a large quantity of ammunition. Sappers were called in to explode the pipe bombs safely, and the two Arabs are now in the hands of the security services for interrogation.

Tapuah Junction and its environs are becoming a focus for terrorist activity. Previous arrests and seizures in the area include:
  • January 8: Two men, 12 pipe bombs, a combat knife
  • April 11: One man, multiple improvised explosive devices, three knives, 50 bullets.
  • April 21: Two youths, with 5 pipe bombs, a gun, and ammunition
  • April 24: Two Arab men, 4 improvised bombs
  • April 28: Two Arab men, 4 pipe bombs
  • May 7: A youth, 3 pipe bombs
It hurts to think about the harm to be caused if one or two individuals from this stream of men with
terror on their minds manage to slip through without being apprehended en route.