Thursday, February 16, 2012

A victory in world public opinion

Dror Eydar

A victory in world public opinion

Another blood libel has collapsed in the face of the truth. The Palestinians are great at spinning Arabian Nights-type tales, but not as good at the prose of real life. The world’s bourgeois, in not uncommon cooperation with radical revolutionaries, love blood libels starring the Jews.

The story of Mohammed al-Dura became the central myth of the Second Intifada, the fuel that feeds the Islamofascist propaganda against Israel in the world and the main supplier of “moral” legitimization for the murder of Jews and Israelis wherever they may be. Al-Dura has also become a hero to some Israelis, the kind of Israelis who are always on the side of the “just” or, in other words, those who are against Israel.

Renowned experts have already proven incontrovertibly that al-Dura could not have been killed by Israeli fire, but that hasn’t stopped his father Jamal from making appearances all over the world and acting like the biggest victim of the evil Zionists and putting his scars, allegedly incurred by Israeli bullets, on public display. He belongs to a collective that has made whining their life’s mission. Turns out that this is also the method they use to gain the many donations habitually poured on Palestinian institutions: they take advantage of the West’s colonial guilt, coupled with Europe’s psychological willingness to accept baseless anti-Semitic narratives as truth, at the expense of the Jewish state.

Dr. Yehuda David serves as a beacon of light for every Israeli who has tired of the state’s clumsy and cumbersome battle against anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli propaganda. There are no shortcuts -- anywhere lies can be disproved, they should be. Even at the cost of protracted legal battles.

David’s struggle joins the legal battle of Philippe Karsenty against French television channel France 2, which aired the staged footage of the Mohammmed al-Dura incident, thus propagating this terrible blood libel. The French channel played dumb, hiding behind journalistic neutrality and the defense of truth. Luckily, the French haven’t heard of the Israeli trick, often used to acquit senior media figures, of using the “true at the time” defense, even if changing circumstances later make the truth a lie.

Regardless, the drawn-out battle has cost David a lot of time and money. The state of Israel should back him financially because he didn’t fight for himself; he fought for Israel and for the truth. He exposed the elder al-Dura’s lies and proved that he had not been wounded by Israeli soldiers, but had rather “recycled” old injuries.

In many respects David is a hero because today’s global battleground isn’t limited to the borders and city streets, but is carried out mainly within cultures, the media, the courts and campuses -- a battle over the world’s public opinion.