Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Obama administration has no comment on 'Palestinian unity'

Obama administration has no comment on 'Palestinian unity'

The Obama-Clinton State Department refused to comment on Monday on the 'Palestinian reconciliation' deal that was signed in Qatar. Instead, they called the deal, which will mean that Congress will be asked to fund a designated terror organization, an 'internal matter' for the 'Palestinians.'
"As we've said many times, questions of Palestinian reconciliation are an internal matter for Palestinians," said US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland.

The accord signed in Qatar was welcomed by officials from both Palestinian movements, but Israel warned Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to choose between reconciliation with Hamas and making peace with the Jewish state.

Nuland highlighted that Hamas, an Islamist group which runs the Gaza Strip, was considered a terrorist organization by Washington and stressed the US expectations of the Palestinian leadership "have not changed."

"Any Palestinian government must unambiguously and explicitly commit to non-violence. It must recognize the state of Israel and it must accept the previous agreements and obligations between the parties, including the road map," she said.
So if the form a 'government' today with Abu Mazen as interim head, don't publicize what position they take on resuming 'negotiations,' but just let Abu Bluff continue to refuse to resume them, does the US keep funding a 'Palestinian Authority' that includes Hamas, which is a designated terror organization? Under Obama and Clinton, the answer to that question is yes. Unless Congress is willing to put a stop to it.

What could go wrong?