Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fatah official admits the truth (in Arabic)

Fatah official admits the truth (in Arabic)


Following are excerpts from an interview with Munir Miqdah, head of the Fatah militia in Lebanon, which aired on Al-Quds TV on January 9, 2012: 
Munir Miqdah: Our Palestinian people – in Palestine and abroad – are fed up with the negotiations. They fed up with the policy of negotiating with the Israeli occupation. Allah willing, there will be armed resistance very soon, and Allah willing, we will witness the beginning of the end of the Israeli entity on the land of Palestine. This will also be achieved as the result of what we see in the Arab world.

Interviewer: Are you part of what is happening in the Fatah? Are we supposed to consider you "classic Fatah," and then "Fatah light" or "diet Fatah"?

Munir Miqdah: Some people believe that through negotiations they will be able to extract the establishment of a Palestinian state, first within the 1967 borders, and then moving on. I believe, however, that most of the Fatah leaders now support a return to armed struggle,and our abandoning these futile negotiations, which will only bring upon the Palestinian people further confiscation of land and further killings.
[Mahmoud Abbas] no longer believes in negotiations, and all the Fatah leaders believe in armed struggle and resistance.
Miqnah admits that even the "doves" who want to negotiate are still adhering to the PLO Phased Plan of 1974, where any areas of Palestine that get "liberated" are used as a foothold to get more and more of the land until the Jews are forced out altogether.