Monday, February 20, 2012

Does Israel Have to Defend the West?

Does Israel Have to Defend the West?

By James Lewis

The grotesque foreign policy of the Obama administration has now achieved its pinnacle of battiness. After three and a half years of bowing low to Dark Ages tyrants and shafting our democratic friends, with Iranian nukes well on the way -- so close that even the CIA is willing to see the obvious -- the Deep Thinkers of Foggy Bottom are now worried sick that Israel might attack Iran.

Let's see. Israel has 7 million people who yearn for peace, because their lives are reasonably good, other than having to live with blood-thirsty maniacs surrounding the country with an estimated 100,000 missiles of various sizes. Iran has 70 million people who have been brainwashed by the ugly regime of medieval throwbacks to chant Death to America! Death to Israel! every single day. These nice people will soon have nukes, thanks to the suicidal policies of Democrats from Jimmy to Barry. Got it so far?
OK. Seven against seventy million is fair odds by Middle East standards.

Now, the Iranian regime is a particularly nasty variety of Shi'ite Islam, which glorifies martyrdom. Its founder, Ayatollah Khomeini, engaged in a war with Saddam Hussein in which a million people died. On the Iranian side it featured martyrdom charges, such as sending thousands of young boys into Saddam's minefields on motorbikes to clear the way for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard troops. The kids were given green plastic "keys to paradise" to wear around their necks, to get the 72 virgins and all. Crazy enough for you? Well, Jimmy just said he didn't think Iranian nukes were going to be a problem.

OK. The Saudis are Sunni Arabs, and the Tyrants of Tehran are Shiite Persians.  Bad stuff, because Sunnis and Shiites have a blood feud going on that goes back a thousand years.  All about the 8-year old Hidden Mahdi, who is believed to reside in a deep well, ready to emerge as soon as Ahmadinejad manages to blow up enough people.

So the Gulf Arabs want to stop Iranian nukes.

The Europeans also want to stop Iranian nukes -- at least those Europeans who don't believe they have achieved peace and love forever via the European Union.  If you look at the map you can see why. Greece and Eastern Europe are well within range of Iranian ballistic missiles right now.

The Russians are faking bad, but they can't be happy with an Iranian nuclear martyrdom cult an hour away from southern Russia.

The Americans (us) have tens of thousands of troops and naval assets in the region, which also makes us vulnerable to nuclear-armed missiles from the Imam Ali the Martyr Memorial Missile Base. (Yes, there is an Imam Ali Missile Base).

The Turks live right next door to Iran, and are both ethnically and religiously different from them. They are not thrilled with martyrdom nukes next door. On the other side of Iran is Afghanistan and Pakistan, and no, they are not tickled about Iranian nukes either.

In another five years or so the Iranians will have true ICBMs, because once you can launch a satellite into space, all you have to do is point it sideways to make it go into orbit long enough to get to our part of the world.

So let's look at the lineup.

In favor of Iranian nukes: The torture regime in Tehran.

Scared of Iranian nukes: All the Sunni Arab nations, including Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Egypt, Jordan, etc.

Israel, which hears blood-thirsty filth from Tehran every single day, and which has learned to shrug its collective shoulders about the bad language. And prepare their own defenses.
Europe, with its 300 million technologically advanced people.

Russia, which is right next door.

America -- if we had a grain of sense, and Jimmy Carter wasn't going around spreading disinformation to sucker the liberals.

That would pit the minority of Iranian tyrants against most of the civilized world, such as it is.

What's the Obama solution?

a. Don't do anything to annoy the Iranians. Above all, don't defend the hundreds of thousands of young people who staged a Green Revolution against the sadistic thugs of the regime, and who were attacked, isolated, tortured and killed in response. The United States watched and said nothing.

b. Offer the thugocracy all the goodies in the world if they would only stop. But these are fanatical thugs, today's versions of the suicide battalions of Japan and Hitler. Martyrdom cults are found throughout history. This one is different because of the nukes.

c. Blame Israel for stirring up trouble any time you can. This is historically, culturally, politically, and morally ignorant, but then this is the Obama Administration.

d. Split the Jewish vote using Stalinesque front groups like "J Street" to echo the worst kind of anti-Israel propaganda.

e. Do likewise with Christian supporters of Israel, and a lot of people who just favor real democracies rather than the phony kind that were supposed to emerge from the Arab Spring -- which has killed tens of thousands of people.

f. Above all, take no action against the bloody minded thugs who wield the whip over Iran, because they might get upset.

OK, American foreign policy in the Age of Hope and Change. It's no different than pulling troops out of Iraq after winning the war there, or negotiating with the Taliban in order to bug out of Afghanistan. Who will instantly impose Shari'a law on all the women, men and children, to resounding cheers from liberals all over the world. And if you think Japan, South Korea and Taiwan aren't watching, think again.

Obama's weakness, fecklessness, and amateurism is therefore giving big incentives to all of our former allies to get nukes of their own, 'cause they can't trust Uncle Sam to protect them. The Saudis have said so out loud, and the Taiwanese are thinking it so hard you can hear the vibes.

Just Obama bringing peace and love on earth. Again. Just like Jimmy Carter, but on a much, much bigger scale. Jimmy just enabled the first radical Muslim throwback regime in the world, casting an entire nation of productive, intelligent, and modernizing people into the Dark Ages. Obama is doing it with as much of the Arab world as he can, in the guise of the "Arab Spring."  Jimmy just betrayed 70 million people. Barack has betrayed hundreds of millions.

The only thing that worries the mad hats in DC is whether Israel will try to stop Iranian nukes. To stop that from happening, Leon Panetta just publicly exposed what he believes to be Israel's intention to knock out Iranian nuke factories before they can bury them in their mountains.  If Israel does attack, Panetta's blabbermouth will kill people who would not have died otherwise.  But this Administration leaks from the top, so you can bet the Iranians will get plenty of secret information before they hear the bombs dropping.

The Iranians are not waiting to be hit. They already control thousands of short and long-range missiles surrounding Israel in Lebanon (Hezb'allah) and Syria. They just tried to kill Israeli diplomats in three different countries. They have previously attacked a Jewish synagogue in Argentina, and their war doctrine (called Islam) allows them to kill civilians for the sake of Allah.

A sane Administration would have stopped Iranian nukes before the Middle East fell apart. That's called "preemption," and nobody dares to utter those syllables these days, because George Bush did that in the evil old days. Now we just use plenty of targeted assassinations, and we outsource our torture to other countries, using "renditions." Renditions are legal, because we just send the bad guys for their unapologetic torture sessions to places like Yemen and Egypt, to be processed according to their own cultural norms.

But then a sane Administration would not be waiting for the very last minute, and then blaming the most obvious victim.

If you aren't building your fallout shelter yet, you might want to start getting a lot of bags of concrete. Just in case. Obama is not going to stop them.

No, the designated victim and sole defender of the West, the Sunni Arabs, the Turks, the Greeks, Eastern Europe, southern Russia, and sundry other countries surrounding Iran is going to be ... Israel.
America is not in decline. The ability of liberals to think rationally is in severe decline, and it has been going backwards for a long, long time. The only thing our enemies have to do to defeat us is to encourage up the delusional left in this country. When liberal delusion takes over, as they have now done, America's opponents will have won by Sun Tzu's standards: Defeat by pure deception, without the fuss and muss of war.

Unless, of course, the Israelis come through and save our knickers.

It would take a miracle. But then as Bismarck knew, God preserves widows, drunkards, and the United States.