Thursday, February 23, 2012

Azerbaijan terrorists were targeting Israeli ambassador

Azerbaijan terrorists were targeting Israeli ambassador

followup on yesterday's report on Iranian and Hezbollah terrorists caught in Azerbaijan:
Azerbaijan has arrested two men suspected of plotting to attack prominent foreigners in the former Soviet republic.

It is alleged they were aided by a third individual, an Iranian who had links with Iran’s intelligence.

It is reported he helped smuggle in weapons including sniper rifles, handguns and explosive devices.

Azerbaijan’s National Security Ministry said the men’s targets included Israel’s ambassador.

Although Azerbaijan is a secular Muslim country its home to 9,000 Jews and has friendly ties with Israel and America.

In the past the Azeri authorities say they’ve prevented car bomb attacks near the Israeli, US and British embassies – all allegedly involving agents from neighbouring Iran.
So this was the fourth Iranian attempt to murder Israeli diplomats we know of in the past couple of weeks.

For its part, Iran has ramped up its own rhetoric against Azerbaijan, claiming that it is a haven for Mossad agents.

Meanwhile, new news from attempt #3 in Thailand:
The Iranian terrorists targeting Israeli facilities in Bangkok planned to use $27 portable radios to hide their explosives, ABC News reported Tuesday.

Airing exclusive photos of one of the bombs discovered, the network showed the inside of the radio, packed with tiny ball bearings and six magnets. According to explosive experts, the device's design indicates that the bomb was meant to be attached to the side of a vehicle.

According to the report, a surveillance photo of one of the suspects in the case, an Iranian national named Saeid Moradi, shows him holding a radio in each hand.