Monday, February 20, 2012

An about-face from Hamas' energy authority?

An about-face from Hamas' energy authority?

On Saturday:
Hamas authorities rejected an Egyptian proposal to bring in fuel via an Israeli crossing point to reactivate Gaza’s only power plant, which shut down four days ago when diesel supplies were disrupted.

“This is unacceptable because of our bitter experience with the Zionist occupation and the way it controls the delivery of the shipments,” Ahmed Abu Al-Amreen of the Hamas-run Energy Authority, told reporters.
Energy Authority official Ahmad Abu al-Amreen told Ma'an that while the government does not want to rely on transfers via Israel ... it will allow shipment via the Israeli crossing temporarily to alleviate the current emergency.

It was not clear whether this solution had been accepted by Egyptian authorities, but Abu al-Amreen said the power authority had not received notification from Egypt about how the fuel would be transferred.

"We keep contacting the relevant authorities in Egypt, but so far we received no answers," he added.
Meanwhile, Israel again offered to provide fuel for Gaza directly - and was rebuffed by Hamas.

There are games being played in Gaza, and all the players seem to have one thing in common - to demonize Israel. Luckily, it appears that some Gazans aren't being taken in by the lies.