Monday, June 18, 2012

A Jewish Solution To The “Palestinian” Problem

A Jewish Solution To The “Palestinian” Problem

By Prof. Paul Eidelberg

Certain politicians advocate a Palestinian state as a means of solving the so-called Palestinian problem. This proposal is spawned by those who refuse to take Arabs and Islam seriously, or who simply lack the intellectual integrity or moral courage to acknowledge the obvious: these Muslims are committed to Israel’s destruction and would have to renounce the Quran to live in peace with "infidels." 

Since Oslo 1993, the “Palestinians,” an invented people, have murdered more than 1,500 Jews and maimed some 15,000 more—to say nothing of the thousands of Jewish children that have been traumatized by Arab homicide bombings. Only moral degenerates would reward these villains with independent statehood in Judea and Samara, the cradle of Jewish civilization. 

There is only one way to deal with the “Palestinains.” Forget about “Jordan is Palestine”—a non-starter. Israel must take its future into its own hands. How? 

1. 1. Abrogate the Oslo Agreement and, in one swift and sweeping attack, disarm and eliminate the PLO-Palestinian Authority.

2. 2. Declare Jewish sovereignty over Judea and Samaria while broadcasting evidence from Biblical and American sources confirming Israel’s God-given as well as superior legal right to these areas. 

a. The Arabs in these areas will retain the personal, religious, and economic rights they enjoyed under Israeli law, but they will not vote in Israeli elections. 

b. They will be given financial incentives to immigrate to Arab states. 

3. Establish unequivocal jurisdiction over the Temple Mount. (This will heighten Jewish pride and diminish Arab arrogance. 

4. Relocate two or three cabinet ministries to Judea and Samaria. (This will convince Arabs that the Jews intend to remain in these areas permanently.)

5. Sell small plots of land in these areas at very low prices to Jews in Israel and abroad with the proviso that they settle on the land, say for a period of six years. This will diminish the dangerous population density of Israel’s large cities and, at the same time, encourage Jewish immigration to Israel. (Many Jewish ex-patriots will be encouraged to return to their homeland.) 

6. Develop model cities in Judea and Samaria by attracting foreign capital investment on terms favorable to the investors. Given Israel’s Gross Domestic Product of $250 billion, another 250,000 Jews can be settled in Judea and Samaria within a few years. Their presence will prompt more Arabs to leave, as tens of thousands have done in the past and are doing even now. 

7. The only way to solve Israel’s internal demographic problem is to make Israel increasingly Jewish and proud on the one hand, and truly democratic on the other! This will result in a steady emigration of Arabs. How can this be accomplished? Most commentators will say: “Increase the Jewish content of public education.” Of course, but more urgently required is the radical reform of Israel’s political and judicial institutions. How? 

8. Democratize Israel’s parliamentary electoral system to increase the impact of Jewish convictions on those who make the laws and policies of the State—hereafter called the “Republic.” The only way to do this is to make legislators individually accountable to the voters in geographic-constituency elections—the practice of some 80 democracies, many smaller in size and population than Israel. 

9. Replace the inept, divisive, and corrupt system of multi-party cabinet government with a Presidential system, which would be far more conducive to national unity and energy. 

10. Democratize the method of appointing the Supreme Court by means of Presidential nomination of judges and conformation by the parliament. 

11. Enforce Basic Law: The Knesset, prohibiting any party that negates the Jewish character of the Republic. 

12. Enforce the 1952 Citizenship Law, which empowers the Minister of Interior to nullify the citizenship of any Israel national that commits “an act of disloyalty to the Republic.” (The law should be amended to clarify the term “act” to protect freedom of speech and press.) 

13. Rescind large-family allowances, with the understanding that the Jewish Agency will assume the function of providing such allowances to Jewish families, while Arab philanthropic agencies may do the same for Arab families. 

14. Put an end to the notorious tax evasion of Arab citizens and their countless violations of building and zoning laws. 

15. Terminate subsidies to, or expel, Arab university students who call for Israel’s destruction, and require Arab schools to include Jewish studies in their curriculum. 

16. Rescind the “grandfather clause” of the Law of Return, which has enabled hundreds of thousands of gentiles to enter Israel (who receive the costly benefits of Jewish immigrants).

17. Phase out U.S. military aid to Israel (now less than 1.5% of the country’s GDP), as well as American participation in Israel-Arab affairs. Both undermine Israel’s material interests as well as Jewish national pride. 

18. Replace Israel's haphazard “Basic Laws” with a Written Constitution that separates the Executive and Legislative branches. This will give Israel institutional checks and balances—something it has lacked since its rebirth in 1948—and which, by the way, existed in the Hebraic Republic of antiquity, which both Catholic and Protestant thinkers deemed the wisest and most just in history. 

19. The Constitution should declare Israel's Jewish identity as the Republic’s paramount principle. 

20. Require all foreign embassies to be located in Jerusalem.