Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Zionists defeat LA Jewish Federation, Geller event goes on as scheduled

Zionists defeat LA Jewish Federation, Geller event goes on as scheduled

Following up on [1] this appalling story, Pamela Geller has an update [2] here:
We live in times when those who control the establishment media and mainstream organizations are increasingly afraid of confronting the true evils of our day, and cowed by the forces of Islamic supremacism and oppression. It saddens me to number the Los Angeles Jewish Federation among these compromised elites, but it cannot be denied in light of their cancellation of my planned address there this morning. LA's failed Jewish leadership follows in the rich tradition of its forbears who worshipped the golden calf. Imagine: Zionists are not welcome at the LA Jewish Federation.

I am extremely happy to report, however, that the proud Jews of the ZOA Western Region, led by the indefatigable Orit Arfa, were not willing to go quietly into the night. Within half an hour of when the event was supposed to take place, they swiftly organized a protest outside the Jewish Federation building, and called out the Federation leaders for capitulating to the Islamic supremacist Jew-haters of Hamas-CAIR. Scores protested in defense of free speech. They also quickly found an alternative venue, The Mark, where an enthusiastic crowd gathered to hear the Photo-9address that the Jewish Federation was too frightened to allow to be heard. Mention must be made of Steve Goldberg, who went toe-to-toe with the craven Jay Sanderson of the Federation, who actually claimed that he was afraid that Muslim protestors would storm the building -- when we all know it wasn't that at all.

Of course, I had to speak about what had happened, and about how the Jewish community's acquiescence to the marginalization of freedom fighters is ultimately self-defeating to the point of suicide -- and above all, about how we have to challenge the left's control of the narrative. We take for granted as acceptable what a sane society would identify as monstrous evils: the "Palestinian" genocidal jihad against the Jews, and the jihad against the West and against civilization in general. We tolerate Islamic honor killing, female genital mutilation, polygamy, cultural annihilation, enslavement, and so much more -- for fear of being accused of "Islamophobia." We have to challenge all this and call evil what it is. If we don't, history shows us where all this leads.
The LA Times was at the protest. Of course, we know the spin they'll put on it.

Pamela has much more [3] here.