Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Morsi wins Egypt, but don't worry: Jimmy Carter approves (UPDATED)

Morsi wins Egypt, but don't worry: Jimmy Carter approves (UPDATED)

Although closer than expected, the Muslim Brotherhood Islamist candidate won the presidential election in Egypt:
The Muslim Brotherhood's presidential candidate, Mohamed Mursi, has been named the fifth president of Egypt after narrowly beating off competition from rival, Ahmed Shafiq, in the hotly-contested presidential elections' runoffs.
So now that Egypt has the Islamist Brotherhood in control of the presidency and in possible control of the Parliament after the legal issues are sorted through, should we be worried about freedom in Egypt?

Of course not! Jimmy Carter personally vouches for Morsi:
Carter said he knows the Western-educated Morsi "quite well" and that he appears committed to women's rights and the Egypt-Israel peace agreement.

"I've crossed-examined him in my own private way very thoroughly about adherence to the terms of a peace treaty for instance between Israel and Egypt that I happened to negotiate back in 1979. He assured me that he honored those terms and he's been quite an outspoken champion I would say of the basic four freedoms that should relate to any country," said Carter.
There ya have it!

And Jimmy's not alone in being happy at Morsi's win. His pals in Hamas are ecstatic as well, as is Islamic Jihad,  as are most Gazans.

(UPDATE) They are shooting in the air in joy. And so far, at least one has been killed and ten injured from all the happiness.