Thursday, June 28, 2012

President's Conference - Israel's final borders

President's Conference - Israel's final borders

Last week I participated in the President's Conference, hosted by Shimon Peres at the Binyanei Hauma convention center in Jerusalem. I took part in a panel discussing Israel's final borders.

Yesterday the conference organizers posted the video of my panel on their website. 

It's a bit hard to follow for non-Hebrew speakers because the panel was conducted in Hebrew and English and I speak in both languages in the course of my remarks.
My remarks begin at around 26:00. I start speaking in English at around 28 minutes in. I speak again in Hebrew at 66 minutes. I speak again in English at around 82 minutes. And then again in English at around 89:00. If you can get through the entire hour and and half long discussion you will see something very interesting. The crowd, which included as many leftists as rightists was interested in discussing my position -- that Israel should assert its full sovereignty over Judea and Samaria --and to a lesser degree Naftali Bennett's position that Israel should apply its sovereignty to Area C only. No one was interested in discussing the positions of the other two panelists David Makovsky and Ilan Paz who were presenting their plans to expel the Jews from Judea and Samaria and hand the land over free of Jews to the Palestinians. 

I can't figure out how to embed the video here. If I figure it out I'll add it later. Meantime, here's the link to the panel discussion from the conference's website.

A reader just sent in the embed code for the video so here it is. It seems to work. And a big thanks to Anonymous.