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Yachad - very much on their own

Yachad - very much on their own

Yachad, very much on their own
On 19th June 2012 a few of us from the Jewish Defence League attended a conference arranged by Yachad, which was advertised here on their website:

The organisation Yachad claims to be a pro-Israel group, but a brief perusal on their site shows they are anything but. Essentially Yachad has been created by what we refer to as Self-Hating Israel-Threatening "Jews" (kapos really).

Our aim was to expose their lies and deceit. Despite their eloquence these thinly veiled leftists are only able to fool the historically illiterate or the ideologically driven. And when challenged with the truth, they stutter, hesitate and finally fail to reply in a coherent manner. See the videos below.

The way Yachad covertly forward their aim is by constantly "debating" issues that should not even be debated. Let's be serious, why debate if Israel should be criticised? Why debate if Jerusalem should be divided? Their "debates" are provocations and a means to make money by charging people to come and attend such hatefests.

Why don't they debate whether Palestine Fakestine history and identity should be questioned? Or why Arabs can live in Israel without fear and Jews cannot live in any Islamic country? Why don't they debate the fact Jews cannot vote in Gaza but Muslims can vote in Israel? There are many issues to choose from but Yachad deliberately chooses the issues which plainly set Israel up as the aggressor.
When we challenged their stance on Israel, they accused us of "spoiling" the conference (?) and unsurprisingly the audience was with them. You may judge for yourselves with the video we filmed, and another film being done by a Norwegian film crew which was following us. This will also be featured in a Counter-Jihad TV documentary later this year. Watch this space...

Regardless, the event consisted of Yachad's own short film regarding the problem of land claims and counter-claims in and around Jerusalem called My Neighbourhood, produced by Nadav Greenberg. However, when later questioned, quite amazingly, his attempts to justify his film along with those of his colleague, Daniel Seidmann, were even worse than the film itself. In short, these people weren't there to inform, they were there to preach to the 'converted'. Daniel Seidmann calls Israeli land as Palestine Fakestine and even went as far as to refer to the "Settlers" as "The worst thing Israel ever had". This outraged another one of our members who spoke out to express his disgust. 

The film "My neighbourhood", this 25 min work of fiction, operated according to the standard leftist narrative regarding the Israel-Arab conflict, and 'proved' once again that Israelis can do no right and Arabs can do no wrong. Any crimes committed by Arabs were overlooked, and history was distorted to the point that any action committed by Israel was portrayed as aggressive and totally without reason.
In order to make their case, in one segment aPalestinian fakestinian boy is shown complaining that the Israelis removed his family from their home, while blatantly ignoring the invasion and ethnic cleansing in 1929 by Arabs (Hebron being the most famous example) and by Jordan in 1948.

Nadav Greenberg the film maker, also deliberately chose not to inform the audience that Jews were simply re-claiming their own homes in Jerusalem, which were stolen by Muslim Arabs (prior to the creation of Jordan) during their riots of 1929 and 1936. In the final war of 1967, Jews won against the Arab invaders thus began the long legal battle to discover who owned what and what rights each owner and/or occupant possessed. Today, using the law courts to bring these cases are suitably called 'lawfare', and tomorrow in Bet El, 30 Jewish familes are being removed from their homes in what many are saying is based on evidence which, if presented to any other court in the world, would have been thrown out. But not in Israel, where many supreme court justices have connections to the NIF (New Israel Fund, more on that in a minute).

This incredibly important part of history and the attempts to resolve these issues was left out of the documentary so that the audience would see Israelis as simply having marched into Jerusalem, taking control of the territory and then deciding which houses they'd like (using the courts, to make it look legitimate, of course).
Jerusalem 1948 - A Jordanian Soldier Oversees
The Evacuation of Jews From Their Properties
This intentional distortion of the truth would be sickening were it not for the fact that by now the left's tactics bore us to tears.

If the situation was not so serious we could simply dismiss these efforts. But we cannot. There are no words to describe the contempt that Yachad and these like-minded organisations deserve.

The indisputable facts here are that these people are working against Israel and Jewish interests, do not represent a single Jew I know, and are more interested in placing the blame of the Israeli -Palestinian Fakestinian conflict solely on the Israeli side. 

Back in October 2011 Richard Millett's blog had an article addressing Yachad's pro-Palestinian stance on the following question Should Israel's friends be critical of her conduct?
And another one in November, headed Halloween horror for Israel as Yachad appears on Campus.
CiF Watch also wrote: Yachad how much of the UK Jewish left possess contempt for Israeli democracyArutz Sheva has the following about Yachad Activist: London anti-Lieberman Protest Boomerangs on the Left

Yachad is not interested in an informed, democratic debate. It is interested only in framing this issue in a certain light, and only interested in hearing the 'inevitable' conclusion from this demagoguery.

It is difficult to overstate Yachad's criminal actions here. Yachad is not only about being against Israel but also lends itself to jihad. Previously, we have written about the importance of migrationin preparation for jihad in Islam.

Yachad has upset many people in the community, therefore given the importance of this issue we decided to take this to the International Counter-Jihad arena (where the Norwegian documentary will be shown), where other Jews and Righteous Gentiles will see what Yachad gets up to behind closed doors.

With all this, it may not surprise anyone to learn that Yachad is funded by the NIF - New Israel Fund - a group funded by George Soros. Soros is infamous for having been widely acknowledged to have broken the British currency in 1992, brought about revolutions, destabilised many countries and kick-started the Asian economic crash of the late '90s, by trying to bring down Thailand's currency, the Bhat. George Soros' comment when asked about the 2008 world economic crash? A culmination of his life's work.

However, when challenging Yachad director Hannah Weisfeld about the Soros-link she pretended not to know. However, the following screen-grab provides sufficient evidence.

As you can see, the NIF is funding Yachad.

Here is an article from Ha'aretz that alludes to Yachad's Hannah Weisfeld being cosy with NIF.

From the above article: 

"One Friday morning two weeks ago, the great and good of Britain's Jewish establishment converged on a London hotel for the Israeli Embassy's annual Independence Day bash. Meanwhile, across town, Hannah Weisfeld - the director of the young "pro-Israel, pro-peace" Jewish organization Yachad – was sitting down with an executive from the New Israel Fund for breakfast." 

Thanks to the efforts of others, Yachad has been exposed for what it really is and even though it has been around for some years, possesses less than 500 "likes" on their facebook page. Even still, those who have "liked" the page certainly haven't kept their displeasure to themselves, as this next screen grab shows.

This is a photo of this same conference at the Hampstead  Synagogue where a certain Shmuel Weisfeld expresses his disgust towards Yachad.

Since the photo is small here is what Mr. Shmuel Weisfeld said:

Shmuel Weisfeld 
it would be so much more powerful, and more respectful, if you would "discuss" the "future" of Jerusalem, in Jerusalem with those of us that live here, pay taxes, go to the army and actually have to live with any results said discussion may have. you actually do not have any idea how offensive this is to the people that live here. It is quite extraordinary how you have deeply alienated and offended the very people whose future you say you care for. you carry on as if you have no concern for the sentiments of population of this country, as if you "know" whats best. if you could only catch for a second what is like for us being on the receiving end of you i have no doubt your tactics would not be received as a slap in the face of contempt and egotistical indignation but actually be received as an act of genuine concern as you try to convey but so painfully fail."

There are no further depths to which these people can stoop. Yachad like to portray themselves as a grass roots organisation. They are not.

They enjoy no popular support at any level, and the only reason they continue to exist is because of billionaires such as George Soros who continue to fund their lobbying efforts on public opinion and assault Israeli victim's rights through Israel's corrupt supreme court.

Yachad exists to 'correct' public opinion, not represent it. It seeks to persuade the Jewish community that what they feel is wrong, and that only Yachad's propaganda events provide the solution. Unfortunately for them, they are not preaching to an uninformed community. A great many Jews know all too well what is really going on in Israel (and speaking to some of the elderly in our community, some would have even fought in WWII and in the '48 war for liberation).

In addition, most Jews know that they don't need to attend a Yachad event to see Israel maligned, they can watch that nightly on the news in their own homes.

Considering the NIF's resources and power, our only hope is to spread the word about the tactics of NGOs such as Yachad, and make them political issues (much like the Islamic veil) which our politicians will no longer be able to ignore. Only then will they be forced to confront the NIF, Yachad, and other subversive NGOs which already yield far too much power.

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G-d and truth are on our side. 

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