Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Obama Sells Out Israel, Again

Obama Sells Out Israel, Again


The headlines read “Iran only a month away from the bomb.” The sub-headlines read: Obama Administration cautions Congress and Israel – we can wait and see if sanctions work or if our negotiations work. We have plenty of time. When you combine this with the multiple media stories of the Obama Administration wanting to station international troops in Judea and Samaria for the “protection” of Israel, there is no longer any doubt where the loyalties of the Obama Administration lie. It is definitely not with our best ally in the Mideast, Israel. We are not sure how long it might be because we have not calculated the help North Korea has contributed to this process.

Judea and Samaria belong to Israel. UN Resolution 242 guarantees Israel safe and secure borders. It was worded deliberately by the very liberal Democratic President Lyndon Johnson and his very liberal UN Ambassador Arthur Goldberg to make sure it was understood that the lands Israel won were to remain mostly with her. Israel has more than performed what was necessary under the resolution. Judea and Samaria and more were to be her new defensible borders. The Coalition made it clear in an earlier position paper that The Jordan Valley was defined by the best US military minds many times as a minimum to secure the freedom of Israel from aggression.

The Arabs, masquerading as a legitimate government – albeit a group supporting the total destruction of Israel and wanting the land “from the Jordan to the Sea”, have never given up this ambition. This administration, from the President to the entire National Security hierarchy, knows this fundamental fact. Yet, they would lie to the Israeli government and the American people, much as Secretary Kerry lied to the American people about the peaceful intentions of the Viet Cong movement as he disgraced his officer status. CIA Director Brennan can point to nothing to support the view that the leadership of those seeking a second state in Israel have any intention of letting Israel live in peace or even existing.
The current asking for patience in Iran and the undermining of Israeli security in the current talks are nothing more than a continuation of the abject failure of the administration’s foreign policy in the Middle East. Virtually every step in this policy (Benghazigate, Syria, Egypt, recognizing the Muslim Brotherhood, etc.), has been tilted away from the foreign policy interests of Israel and the United States. It was punctuated by the servile deep bow of the President to the King of Saudi Arabia. Obama’s major advisers have been and continue to be Arabist in heart and mind. Their current rhetoric is nothing more than the Potomac Two Step to cover up their intentions and goals. Mr. President, the Coalition refuses to dance.

This administration sat still while military personnel were courtmartialed in some dubious cases of violating nebulous rules of engagement. Yet, the President sent people into harm’s way to execute a “vengeance killing” of a wanted terrorist – Usama Bin Laden, in apparent gross violation of international and military law. He made hired killers out of special operations troops fully capable of capturing this madman. This violated Executive Order 12333. Any claim the President has to objecting to “torture” or other campaign rhetoric went out the window when UBL was executed with no resistance on his part. We are now suffering from the lack of intelligence lost with the death of UBL. The Special Operations forces suffer and die from the OPSEC violations on that operation.

The “Whack a mole” strategy has been wrong since implemented. It is years out of date as to our knowledge of how the enemy is constructed. It has enraged allies with the accompanying civilian deaths, much as the 9th Infantry Division caused many villagers to become enraged with their tactics in the Mekong. When the Phoenix “rifle shot” approach was combined with the Revolutionary Development Program, and both fully implemented, pacification emerged. This is the approach LTC David Kilcullen recently advocated.

Like Kerry and his “peacenik” allies refused to recognize North Vietnam as the author of war in Vietnam, Obama and Brennan refuse to acknowledge the prime backer of the movement opposing the United States and Israel, Iran. Usama Bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahiri were never more than lower ranked field generals in this struggle. They were always strategically allied with Hizbollah, Hamas, and Fatah. None would be effective without state support, much as Iraq supported Islamist terrorists in their 4 pronged attempt to stop our toppling of the Hussein government through attempted WMD and Chemical and Biological attacks against four different governments in late 2002. Mr. Brennan knows the truth behind this attempt.

Iran’s hands are dirty on WTCI and WTCII and many other major terror attacks – acts of war by one nation against another – even American courts acknowledge the obvious. If Al Qaeda executed the attack, Iran planned, financed, and blessed it – witness the murder of an Ambassador in Benghazi. Zawahiri gave the trigger go ahead; even the news media is recognizing that fact a year later. But Zawahiri could not move without the blessing of his long time backers and allies, Iran and its terrorist subset groups.

While this position paper may seem to be lacking in depth of analysis, the Coalition has previously dealt in depth with each of these topics. They are brought up merely to buttress the assertion that the current actions of this administration are designed to emasculate our one stable consistent ally in the Mid East for no discernible advantage to our national security or the safety of our own armed forces.

If an observer could not discern the obvious Arab tilt to our foreign policy prior to today, it cannot be missed now. It is not accidental. It is regrettable. It is the biggest mistake about to be undertaken by an American administration in the past hundred or so years. It will not enhance our security or the security of any ally. A rational person can perceive that. Only the blind can miss the outright Arabist background to what the policy is now and has been for five years. It is wrong. We need to take out the nuclear facilities of Iran or turn our heads if Israel does. We need to return to the core values of UN 242 and leave the future of Israel internally to Israel alone.