Monday, November 18, 2013

Netanyahu was right, our fate is in our hands

Netanyahu was right, our fate is in our hands

Dr. Haim Shine

The true test of leadership is the ability to anticipate and respond to geopolitical events while maintaining a long-term outlook. When Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu began focusing global attention on the Iranian nuclear issue, many shook their heads with disbelief and skepticism. At the time, the heads of important countries did not understand the nature of the danger posed by terrorist states with weapons of mass destruction. Such weapons allow uninhibited fanatics to threaten all of Western civilization.

Former Israeli defense establishment officials, including past heads of the Mossad and Shin Bet, recklessly launched a coordinated campaign against Netanyahu by spurring on and providing cover for irresponsible media outlets. From morning through night, they sowed fear among the Israeli public about the expected consequences of an attack on Iran. They portrayed the prime minister as a warmonger and tried to delegitimize the elected government. Today, however, it is clear how ludicrous their claims were.

When Netanyahu stood on the U.N. podium in 2012 and drew an illustration of Iran's nuclear progress, many in Israel and around the world chuckled. They refused to believe that, as the world dragged its feet, Iran was building the infrastructure to produce a doomsday weapon.

Israel has invested much effort on the Iranian nuclear issue. This effort resulted in heavy sanctions being put in place on Iran. These sanctions led to an economic crisis in Iran, a loss of confidence of many Iranians in the ayatollahs and a change of government in Tehran (the election of Hasan Rouhani as president in June). Facing capitulation, Iran made a devilish move, an incredibly sophisticated step that took advantage of both American and European weakness. By treachery and putting on a bizarre masquerade, Iran is now on the verge of successfully getting the painful grip around its neck released.

An agreement with Iran that does not include an immediate halt of its nuclearization process will cause endless troubles. Once sanctions are lifted, they will never be reimposed. But this is nothing new for the West. There is an alarming straight line that connects Munich 1938 and Geneva 2013.

It has been proven many times throughout history that Jews can rely only on themselves. Thank God we now have an independent state with a strong military that can ensure the future of the Jewish people. It is critical that Israeli leaders, both from the Right and Left, now stand united behind the vital interests of the existence of the state. It has been shown more than once in the past that if we stand united, we can overcome all enemies, near and far.