Friday, January 25, 2013

Palestinian Human Rights Foundation Calls Holocaust a “Myth”

Palestinian Human Rights Foundation Calls Holocaust a “Myth”

Zach Pontz

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The iconic image of a Nazi shooting a Jewish family.

The Palestinian Human Rights Foundation (Monitor) has posted an article to its website in which the veracity of the Holocaust is flatly rejected.

The article, written by Dr. Mustafa Ahmed Abul Khair, chairman of the NGO’s Advisory Council and a professor of international law, claims that Israel should compensate Egypt for damages Egypt says Israel has caused the country over the years, up to some $500 billion. As an example he uses Italy’s $5 billion compensation paid to Libya for their 30-year occupation of  the country.

To support his claim, and to justify the exorbitant number, Dr. Abul Khair says,  “the Zionist entity is extorting Germany to get too much financial compensation for the myth of the Holocaust.“