Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's the Jews, stupid

It's the Jews, stupid

Dror Eydar

While Britain, and Europe as a whole struggle with the threat facing the continent — its slow transformation into an Islamic caliphate — the culprit behind Europe's weakness and loss of survival instinct has been found: the Jews. Of course.

In 1943, as half of Europe was in ruins, "Der Stürmer" ran a cartoon featuring a Jew in the form of Satan looking down on his handiwork, a destroyed Europe. The perpetrator wasn't the Nazis, the cartoon tried to explain, it was the Jews. It isn't murderous Palestinian terror that has taken thousands of Jewish lives, it is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's thirst for blood that prompted him to use Palestinian blood to build a protective wall around Israel.

It is no coincidence that this cartoon ran precisely on International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Ever since the 1950s, Holocaust denial has grown more and more common among the European fringe, with the Jews being turned into Nazis and the Palestinians into their victims. Over half a century later, the fringe has now become the mainstream. Even if the Holocaust is not being categorically denied (yet), the Jews are consistently being portrayed as executioners. The cruel irony is that Israel is currently serving as the entire world's first line of defense in its battle against radical Islam. But the Europeans are deluding themselves into thinking that if only they distinguish themselves from Israel, they will be spared.

Paradoxically, the new anti-Semitism grew exponentially more potent after the Oslo Accords. The desperate attempt to make peace with our neighbors served mainly to cement the Palestinian version of events, which rests on countless lies, while our truth remained unheard.

What are the odds that The Sunday Times — which ran a cartoon depicting Netanyahu as the one person standing in the way of the peace process by way of Palestinian blood — much like the rest of the world's press, actually understands an iota of what is going on in our part of the world? This is not just negligence, but also mental laziness — refusing to delve into a complex reality, to truly examine the regional myths, with all their religious nuances, or thoroughly study the education and media systems of both peoples. Who needs all that, when you can just blame the Jews?

It is a good thing that the owner of The Sunday Times, Rupert Murdoch, apologized. But let us examine the paper's response in the two days prior to the apology: This is not anti-Semitism, they said. It is only directed against Netanyahu. Ah, British humor. Netanyahu, the prime minister of the Jewish state, is drawn as a bloodthirsty butcher on International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The trowel in his hand looks like a sword, dripping with blood, like a veritable anti-Christ. Humor, you know.

The truth is that over the last 20 years we have tried to build a house of peace, but every time we get close, the Palestinians just added more Israeli victims to the "house" of the peace process — a type of pagan shrine with the word "peace" embossed on its gate and beside it a "thank you, Europe" sign.