Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Israel, Hamas and Gay Rights: Who Are the Real “Pinkwashers”?

Israel, Hamas and Gay Rights: Who Are the Real “Pinkwashers”?

By Daniel Greenfield 

Which is gay-friendlier? Hamas or Israel?

According to queer theorist leftist Judith Butler, Hamas and Hezbollah are progressive movements that are on the left. The Israelis however are “pinkwashers” who exploit their record of not stoning gays to death to divert attention from their record of killing Islamic terrorists after repeated provocations.

Hamas is on record as saying that homosexuality deserves the death penalty and it’s punishable by ten years in Gaza.

The left claim to be the true supporters of gay rights… and of Islamist groups that believe in killing gays. It would almost seem as if it is the left that exploits its record of supporting gay marriage to divert attention from its record of supporting Islamic thugs who kills gays.

It is the left who are the true pinkwashers.

Professor Aeyal Gross (TAU,Law), who is considered the intellectual father of “pinkwashing,” has returned to the subject in the context of the Israeli election. He charges that Israel’s liberal policy toward gays is a ploy to hide its “sins” of occupation.  The broad array of civil and political rights that gays enjoy in Israel – which Gross himself lists, as well as the robust condemnations by assorted politicians of anti-gay sentiments – are all an elaborate plot to mask the violations of human rights against the Palestinians and others.

The inherent admission in Gross’ argument is that gay rights, like feminism or civil rights for any group, is not an end in and of itself, but part of an indivisible collective project whose end is not the fulfillment of any set of rights, but the success of the left.

Thus gay rights can be subtracted for Hamas, but they cannot be added for Israel. Gay rights are only of value when they serve the program of the left, and the left, as Judith Butler says, views Hamas and Hezbollah as “part of the global left” but with problematic dimensions, such as wanting to take away the civil rights of women, gays, non-Muslims, etc. But these dimensions do not detract from their place on the left. On the other hand Israel’s rejection of Islamic terrorism does.

It speaks volumes about the real agenda of the left that fighting Islamic terrorism is a dealbreaker but killing gay people isn’t.

The real pinkwashers are those like Judith Butler, Gross, Chomsky and the rest of the pro-terrorist left.