Thursday, November 22, 2012

Open letter to anti-Israel groups and pro-terrorist supporters

Open letter to anti-Israel groups and pro-terrorist supporters 

by Mark Gold

Dear World,

Hamas is a terrorist organization who found refuge in the hearts and minds of the ignorant. Hamas, like all Islamic terrorist groups prey on the weak and thus it is inevitable that the weak minded will succumb to their propaganda. Our holy book, the Torah, and our holy sages describe the nature of this nation and their ability to twist fact into falsehood. Be warned, a nation built on the destruction of others is seeking your assistance. Every time we see an injustice and do not rise up to stop it, evil prevails. The injustice I speak of is the injustice of the Islamic leaders who have hijacked the peaceful religion of Islam and injected poison into the hearts and minds of their own people. The freedom fighting group you seek to harbor in your heart is dedicated to destruction and darkness. The truth is, the war on terror will never be won, without the support of the moderate Muslims and the masses.

The reality you see of death and destruction in Gaza was not brought by Israel. It was brought by the leadership of Gaza. Hamas, like all terrorist groups around the world use civilians and noble causes to justify their efforts of terror and murder. They operate under the mask of freedom yet act under the influence of barbarism. Israel is terrorized by Hamas in order to trigger a response that fuels the flames of terrorist propaganda. As Israel responds to protect its sovereignty – as any sovereign country would – the actions give Hamas more credibility to their false claims. A good lie only needs a kernel of truth.

The Jewish people have been used as scapegoats before, and are being used as scapegoats now, by Hamas and the world terrorist organizations, for one thing only, profit. The global Islamic terror message is one in the same. Tell your public of illiterate people, that they live in poverty and chaos because of the Jews. Meanwhile, the leaders use this control to benefit financially and at the expense of their own people. So, the Islamic leaders of Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and all global terrorist networks get richer, while the victims become poorer. This scapegoat ideology has now been weaponized and unfortunately prevails as the primary source for Islamic control and fundraising. This blame-shift psychology is branded to the world. As a marketing professional I am frightened by the disastrous impact. I may not be a professor or a Rabbi or hold a degree from a prestigious university that specializes in middle eastern affairs, but this much is clear. Those who scream of injustice and spread articles about Israel’s occupation, have not looked beyond their media screens. The fields of Gaza are irrigated with blood, and the benefactors, who reap the financial rewards, are the global terror organizations such as Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran. Follow the money.

What the senior leadership of the terrorist organizations have created, is a pipeline of wealth institutionalized by warfare and the victimization of their own people. The blockade of Gaza exists, and Hamas is the perpetrator. The occupation exists, and Hamas is the occupier. The same strategy that was used by Saddam, Gaddafi and Bin Laden, is now being used by the major terror networks across the globe. The terrorist leaders do not want a state of their own, there is too much money to be made in freedom fighting. The terrorist leaders won’t profit with peace, there’s too much money in war.

“There’s no money to be made with peace, only in the pursuit of peace.” – Yasser Arafat

Each one of us has a responsibility to protect our homeland. The Israelis and the Arabs. However, our story does not start here. Our story began thousands of years ago through the bondage of slavery. Our people will not be ashamed to preserve our story, our way of life or defend our freedoms. This is our homeland and we will not apologize for protecting our right to live. Does a bird apologize for its ability to fly? Does a fish apologize for its ability to swim? A Jew should never apologize for his ability to live. That’s why we have a state of our own. We’ve been apologizing for so long we now have begun to justify our right to defend ourselves.

Israel has the right to defend itself and the Jewish nation has a right to exist. This is not a war over land or resources or ancient prophecies. This is a war of self preservation. If you feel the same toward the people of Gaza, who are victims of violence, than rise up. But do not rise up towards the people of Israel and call that justice. Don’t get carried away by the tide of deception. If you wish to fight for justice, if you wish to fight for the victims, then fight the terror organizations. Fight Hamas, Fight Hezballah. Fight the Iranian Leaders. Fight the real cause of destruction. Rise up and be accounted for. The west can not do it for you. There must be an Arab spring and it’s focus must be to dismantle and remove all the terrorist leaders and organizations. Only then will the true freedoms that every man and woman prays for, be achieved. This cancer must be removed from within. This is how the Palestinians, Jews and the Arabic/Islamic people will attain true freedom and peace.

As a collective effort all civil and righteous human beings have a moral responsibility to uphold justice for all. Israel not only fights for its people but for all of us around the world. Supporting Israel is to support freedom, justice and equality.

If the Palestinians want a land flowing with milk and honey, than they should build one, not steal one.

Remove the terrorist leadership, remove the anti-semitic ideology and uproot the hatred. Then you will have peace on the streets of the Middle East.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those affected by this war. I pray that one day soon, the world will awaken to this fact, and begin to dismantle the extreme terrorist groups worldwide, as a unified campaign for world peace. This is my dream.

It’s up to us. Shabbat Shalom.