Thursday, November 29, 2012

Contentions Poll: 57% Oppose Palestinian Statehood Bid


Poll: 57% Oppose Palestinian Statehood Bid

The Israel Project has a poll out today on American views on the Arab Spring and Israel. As Mahmoud Abbas plans to launch another unilateral statehood attempt at the United Nations, a solid majority of Americans say they’re opposed:

Opposition to the UN bid is in line with TIP’s poll in July 2011 — before the last Palestinian attempt — and up from the April 2011 poll. The new survey was also taken before Operation Pillar of Defense, which a majority of Americans supported. Whether the operation has any impact on the numbers remains to be seen. But the TIP poll indicates that Americans remain solidly supportive of Israel on the UN issue, even ifother countries may be wavering. 
The TIP poll also found a growing majority would want the U.S. to support an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear program — 71 percent this year compared to 61 percent in November 2011 (though TIP’s sample was “voters” this year, and “registered voters” in 2011). A strong majority (59 percent) also oppose foreign aid to Egypt if it doesn’t abide by its treaty obligations. Full poll can be found here.