Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Obama Is Passive-Aggressive toward Israel

Obama Is Passive-Aggressive toward Israel

David Lawrence

In Obama's speech in Cairo, he wanted to put daylight between America and Israel so that he could create brotherhood between Muslims and Americans.  Rah, rah -- he is a big Arab-supporter.  Doesn't he realize that courting Muslims leaves Israel like an ex-girlfriend, shunned and weakened?

When Egyptians deposed Hosni Mubarak, Obama claimed that there was no danger of a Muslim Brotherhood member becoming the head of Egypt.  In that case, what's Mohammed Morsi doing as the president of Egypt?  Nice mistake, Obama...or nice lie.   

Obama didn't actually change America's policy towards the Middle East; he didn't attack Israel on behalf of Hamas or Hezb'allah.  He didn't become Israel's outright, honest enemy.  He is too sly for that.  His treachery comes in shades of gray.

Instead, he emboldened the terrorists by making them feel that if they attacked Israel, he wouldn't interfere.  This way he could pretend that he was not an ally of the Arabs while not doing anything to directly affront Israel.  He created the atmosphere for killing, the milieu required for Gaza to shoot rockets into Israel.

Obama is passive-aggressive to Israel.  He hurt them while he pretended that he was their buddy.  He slid by without meeting with Netanyahu, but he didn't vocally denounce him, either -- at least not when he thought anyone could hear him.

That way he could still pretend he was Israel's friend and satisfy all the astigmatic Jews in America, particularly New York.  The Arabs concluded that America doesn't have Israel's back and that they could attack Israel whenever they wanted.

Obama has shifted the mood in the Middle East.  It is more dangerous than ever.  Gaza is throwing rockets.  Iran will be tossing bombs.

Obama is whistling behind his desk in the White House, pretending that he is not an emotional relative of anti-Semites Reverend Farrakhan and Reverend Wright.

And now Obama makes a concession to the Jews.  He says that Israel has a right to defend itself from missiles being aimed at the country by militants in the Gaza Strip.  Wow, that's an explosive concession.  He's actually letting Israel defend itself.  That's more than the SS gave the Jews in the concentration camps.  Bravo.  

Should Obama say that Israel has no right to defend itself?  That's what we can assume he feels from a spoonful of his hidden anti-Semitism.  But we spit it out and pretend that Obama's a big defender of Israel.  After all, he gives them permission to hit back. A brave concession from a community organizer dressed up like a president.