Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Top 10 Iranian insults to Canada

Top 10 Iranian insults to Canada

After Canada announced it was severing diplomatic relations with Iran on Friday, Iranian spokespeople have gone on a number of funny tirades.

Here are the top ten comments about Canada by Iranian officials and media:

10. The Foreign Ministry said Canada has a bad reputation for protecting diplomatic headquarters and personnel and has repeatedly failed to protect the Iranian Embassy in Ottawa against attacks. 

9. “The extremist regime of Harper did a lot to prevent the holding of NAM summit in Tehran but countries and international figures completely ignored it and imposed another defeat to this regime.”

8. Iran’s Foreign Ministry has described the decision as “an abuse of international law.”

7. Prime Minister Stephen Harper is known for adopting “extremist and failed policies.”

6. "The hostile attitude of the racist government of Canada that is following some policies dictated by Tel Aviv and London."

5. "Ottawa has made the move to satisfy Israel and the Zionist lobby and that it would leave no stones unturned to prove its devotion to the Zionist regime even if it costs Ottawa's international status and damage its respect in world public opinion."

4. "The closing down of the embassy was a psychologically and politically imbalanced behavior."

3. "Hostile attitude of the Canadian racist government is indeed pursuing the policies as dictated by the Zionist regime and the UK."

2. "Canada is under the control of Britain and the governor appointed by the British queen, saying that all important decisions are made by the governor in coordination with the queen."

1. "The government of Canada, according to the reports of United Nations Rapporteur on indigenous rights, has the worst record on violating human rights, with its radical actions and financially supporting the extremist forces in the region and its all-out, blind support for the Zionist regime which is a racist regime, has adopted policies which does not help the world peace but is a source of threat to international security."