Tuesday, September 11, 2012

There are No Prayers in Migron's Synagogue this Shabbat

There are No Prayers in Migron's Synagogue this Shabbat

The desolate synagogue in Migron stands testimony to the instinct for self destruction of the Israeli left. The writer fears for the aftereffects of Migron.

Giulio Meotti

The wonderful village of Migro is laid waste.

Is there a next one? Givat Assaf? Amona? Then what?

The police made Migron “j├╝denrein”. The tragic lesson of Gush Katif has proven to be correct. The settlers’ public has been so traumatized that in Migron it looked impotent and mute. Dozens of heroic families lost their homes and the state retreated from a strategic peak. The surprising thing is that it was all very easy. The Palestinian Arabs could not have done it better.

After Migron, some fear that everything else in Samaria risks going down in a slow process. The new building contradicts that, but it is obvious that the ethnic cleansing of “the settlers” is the only one that the world applauds.

To the Israeli psyche, the heartland of Judea and Samaria has an aura of crimson and the notion of removing all Jews from areas handed over to “Palestine”has become a legitimate plan even in some of the rightist camp.

What happened in Migron had already been experienced by the Jews during the first phase of the Holocaust, when there was the Jews’ “resettlement” from outlying communities to the large ghettos. Now the Arabs have free access to “state-owned land”, while the Jews remain cooped up in their chicken-pens waiting for slaughter or eviction.

This dramatic and traumatic process of retreat began on April 23,1982, when Israeli soldiers descended on the Jewish community of Yamit not to defend it, but to destroy it.

What did Israel get back in thirty years of “shalom achzav”, the peace of disappointment?

Yamit? Jihadists and Muslim Brothers.

Lebanon? Hizbullah and the abandonment of the Christian allies.

Gaza? Hamas and 14.000 rockets.

Oslo? A stretch of Jewish ruins and 2.000 dead.

The “rule of law” was an excuse to tear down places like Migron.

Gush Katif was perfectly “legal”. The real reason may be another: to destroy the bigger settlements one has to begin with the outposts.

If the outposts’ enterprise will be defeated, any other “established”community in Judea and Samaria can be the next in line. These communities cannot survive without the outposts and the renewed Jewish life around them. The cynical policy says: “Let them fall and waste away by themselves, the more their lack of security increases, the faster they will themselves abandon their homes”.

After Migron and Beit El’s Ulpana, they hoped, no new government allocations will be given for roads, water pipes, electricity or sewage systems for Jews in Judea and Samaria. Since no private person can afford such outlays, the ghettoization of the Jews will squeeze them. It’s an ethnic cleansing through economic measures. 

No government land will be allocated. Again, the idea is simple:since the Jews cannot acquire private land for fear of terrorist violence directed against the sellers, the Israeli government withholds from the Jews their last reserve.

How a state that destroyed Migron can justify Karnei Shomron,Emanuel, Yakir, Nofim and Kedumim? And Eli, Shilo, Ofra, Psagot and Maaleh Levonah?

It will take years to understand the damage Oslo did to the country. Since then, some of the Israeli leaders argued that just as in war one must be prepared to suffer losses, so too “peace” extracts a bloody price.

The first stage in this process of self-immolation in Western Eretz Israel began with an attack on language. If it’s Jewish, then it’s Judea and Samaria. If it’s West Bank or Palestine, those are justifications forsaying “Jews stole it”.

Then the process of self-destruction continued when Israel adopted the official mantra: “There is no military solution, only a political solution!”.

Israel then accepted being humiliated at the US administrations’ door, ready to accept the American supervision on Jewish building in Eretz Yisrael - all this in consideration for the loan guarantees and to further the “peace process”. The race became irreversible when Israel allowed masked hatchet-bearing murderers be eligible for the “Palestinian”police force. The Jews gave the Arabs the guns to kill innocent civilians.

Is Migron and Gush Katif the sign that we are witnessing the major cataclysm of Israel’s history? The loss of Judea and Samaria and a return to the borders of 1967, in which the Arabs can eliminate the state. They will utilize every inch of “liberated” soil as a springboard to the rest, phase by phase, until Israel is so tiny that the Arabs will be able to dismantle it altogether. The Arab-Palestinian parliament will legislate its own “Law of Return” for the Arabs who left in 1948.

By then, it will be too late. And the “Permanent solution” will be transformed into Israel’s “Final Solution”.

The iconic symbol of the retreat’s process is the Palestinian mob tearing down the traffic signal for Joseph’s Tomb. Their dark glittering eyes and bold faces were telling their desires of turning the Mediterranean red with Jewish blood and erecting a “Palestine” on the ruins of Israel.

Only in Israel, Jews expel Jews.

Onlyin Israel, Jews blow up synagogues.

Why is the transfer of 350.000 Jews from Judea and Samaria realistic and the transfer of Arabs not? Are Jews made of a different material?

Things don’t look very promising.