Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Egyptian newspaper: How Jews control the world

Egyptian newspaper: How Jews control the world

From Egypt's El Balad, one of the types of articles that seem to be multiplying under the Muslim Brotherhood-controlled Egypt.

It goes into great detail into how Jews are taking over the world:

The close intellectual and spiritual cooperation between the Jews and the British shows their desire to capture the world, and then this cooperation extended to include the United States. 

Here are their steps and protocols to achieve this control: 

1 - the destruction of any community authority for the benefit of state power 

2 - reducing the power of States to increase the authority of the United Nations 

3 - put the United Nations authority in the hands of the five permanent members of the Security Council and to have Jews achieve control of the governments of these countries 

Here are their steps to destroy the authority of society: 

1 - a culture of equality between men and women, so men lose their sense of ownership of the family 

2 - fight and destroy the marriage relationship and family authority and make the man and women as a means of producing children to be taken over by state care so the identity of the individual is only as determined by the state. 

3 - to justify adultery. 

4 - laws on child protection to reduce the power of family and inciting children to disrespect authority of the father or the mother or the family and freedom from any community limitations. 

5 - insulting the clergy and ridicule them and show them that they are hypocrites, and incite young people not to obey them. 

6 - to prevent beatings or any means of punishment of children in schools so teachers lose their prestige and their ability to control them, and the children are brought up to disrespect anyone. 

7 - stripping tribal elders of their material and moral powers

8 - Revolution on popular fashion "folk"; new forms of clothing fashion so citizens lose values ​​of cultural identity. 

9 - looting ancient cultures from the minds of the people and replace them with stories and Western films. 

10 - rewrite history to guide peoples' cultures, including the historic Islamic stories of our Ancestors and sayings of the Prophet (peace be upon him). 

11 - the establishment of parties and political groups that are pro-religious Jews and America, and support for access to the rule, which in turn works to achieve indirect occupation by Jews of America.

I'm not sure whether El-Balad is a state-run newspaper, but its been a while since I saw such raw anti-semitism so explicit in an Egyptian media outlet outside of religious sermons.