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Chaim ben Pesach a Jewish hero forbidden to make Aliyah

Chaim ben Pesach a Jewish hero forbidden to make Aliyah

When Israel was created in 1948, most Jews dreamed of finally establishing their homes there. Israel was to become the home of Jews, every Jew, and the Zionist dream came with the promise to save them from harm and protect them from evil for as long as they lived in Israel.

However there is now something dark and nefarious working its way in Israeli society and which has reached the very core of the Israeli government. It's called Socialism. Socialism is a disease that thrives by using other people's money and causing them misery. It is tyrannical, oppressive and it corrupts people's souls. Unfortunately Israeli society has long since caught this disease, and the symptoms are stronger and more evident in the ranks of the Israeli government.

The situation now is so bad that we have decided to speak out against it and we truly hope that the Israeli people will wake up and join us in demanding the end of this sinister, evil and malignant Socialist ideology. 

The corruption is so ingrained that it has gotten to the point that Jews are now refusing entry to Jews in Israel. In other words, if you are the "wrong type of Jew" you cannot make Aliyah and live in Israel.

Since when are these people allowed to deny a Jew a home in Israel?

How dare these Socialist/Communist Jews forbid other Jews to make Aliyah when they are only in Israel because other Jews fought for them and sacrificed their lives so they could live there! Do they think they own Israel now?

NO. Israel is owned by all Jews and every Jew has a right (if not a duty) to live in Israel. The Torah attests to that, and no amount of Socialist-Communist tumours are going to change this.

We want Israelis to know the double standards and the corruption of the Israeli government, which has forbidden a Jewish Hero, Chaim ben Pesach  to make Aliyah - While the Bolshevik-Dhimmi Israeli government continues to pander to our Arab enemies and even invite them into Israel, as they done with Arafat and other terrorists!

Are we Jews going to allow that? Are we seriously going to let these so-called "leaders" of the Jewish people to stop our own brothers and sisters from returning home?

There is only one reason why they would stop a Jew entering Israel. Fear. Those who are sabotaging the Aliyah process and denying certain Jews to return home are scared of being exposed and of losing their position of power.

This case is particularly interesting because it is the case that best exposes the fear of the current Israeli leadership, and due to the nature of these events we urge all Israelis to stand with us and demand that Chaim ben Pesach be allowed to make Aliyah immediately.

Background on Chaim ben Pesach

May 6th 1986 - front page of the Village Voice - a weekly newspapers in New York - it read: NICE JEWISH BOYS WITH BOMBS


American Chaim ben Pesach was the National Chairman of the Jewish Defense League but resigned in December 1978 after he was cowardly sent to jail for bombing Egyptian targets in an effort to stop the Israeli withdrawal from the Sinai Peninsula (The Israelis did not realise how stupid it was to withdraw from Sinai until it was too late).

After his release and upon the completion of his probation in July 1983, Rabbi Meir Kahane again appointed Chaim to be National Chairman of the JDL. During the 1980s, Chaim was arrested again, along with two other JDL members in connection with six incidents; a 1984 firebombing of an automobile at a Soviet diplomatic residence, the 1985 and 1986 fire and pipe bombings of an FBI informer's car, the 1986 firebombing at a hall where the Soviet State Orchestra was performing, and two 1986 detonations of tear gas grenades to protest performances by Soviet dance companies.

None of these actions caused anyone to be injured or killed. Only property was destroyed, unlike the actions of real Arab-Muslim terrorists who deliberately set out to murder people, principally women and children whom they treat as commodities. Even the FBI wrote a report stating that Chaim ben Pesach went out of his way to ensure that no one got injured in his bombing campaigns. 

Jews with honour and courage. Left: Chaim ben Pesach. Right: Rabbi Meir Kahane

In the United States, Chaim served five and a half years in prison and spent another 12 years on probation, parole and/or house arrest for his activities on behalf of Soviet Jewry when he was the National Chairman of the Jewish Defense League (JDL). After completing this period of 17 and a half years of being either in prison or under severe restrictions, he wanted to immediately fulfill his lifelong dream of making Aliyah (immigrating to the land of Israel).
In July 1996, he flew to Israel with the intention of applying for citizenship under the "Law of Return", which supposedly guarantees every Jew the right to return to his ancestral homeland. Upon arriving at Ben Gurion airport, he was immediately arrested by Israeli Shabak agents (Israeli KGB) and placed in a cell without a toilet for 24 hours. He was not permitted to contact his family or friends or his attorneys. After 24 hours, he was forcibly placed on a flight back to the United States.

His expulsion order was signed by Interior Minister Eli Suissa from the Shas party. The same Suissa and Shas supported the Oslo accords where the Arab Hitler Yasser Arafat and 80,000 armed PLO-Fatah terrorist murderers were invited into the land of Israel. Arafat and the PLO terrorists have murdered thousands of Jews since the 1950s. Suissa met with the PLO terrorist butchers around the same time that he was ordering his expulsion. 

In other words, Arafat and the PLO terrorist mass murderers were welcome into Israel after slaughtering thousands of Jews, but Chaim was forcibly expelled because he damaged Soviet diplomatic property (without killing or injuring anyone) in order to save 2 million USSR Jews who were being held hostage behind the Iron Curtain.

This disgraceful, illegal and dishonourable attitude from the Israeli government cannot go unnoticed any longer. 

While Chaim was being held in a cell prior to the expulsion, an attorney Herbert Sunshine went to see Industry and Trade Minister Natan Sharansky. 

Sharansky and members of his political party were Russian Jews who were liberated from the USSR because of the successful efforts of Kahane's JDL to make the Soviet Jewry issue a page one subject that no one could ignore. 

Until the JDL's campaign to publicize this issue, almost no one ever spoke about the brutal oppression of Soviet Jews. Sharansky's party had 7 seats in the 120 seat Knesset (Parliament). The new Likud government under Binyamin Netanyahu needed Sharansky's party in the coalition. But when asked to intervene to allow Chaim into Israel, Sharansky coldly replied "There is nothing I can do".

Of course Sharansky (This ungrateful kapo) could do many things but the truth is that he cowardly chose not to. He was afraid to lose his "precious" (and pathetic) position in the Knesset. Such spineless politicians are the ones who have corrupted the Israeli government and need to be forcefully removed from their seats. 

In August 1996, a month after Chaim's forcible expulsion, he applied for Aliyah at the Jewish Agency in New York. Once again, Interior Minister Suissa from Shas rejected his application and this time sent him a letter informing him that he was not permitted to even visit or set foot in the land of Israel. 

In December 1996, Chaim wrote to Prime Minister Netanyahu explaining the situation. Not surprisingly the Prime Minister's office never did anything in response to his letter. 

In July 1997, Chaim again wrote to Interior Minister Suissa asking him to explain why he was banned from making Aliyah or even visiting Israel. His letter was ignored. He never received any reply.

Over the years, Chaim repeatedly made new requests for Aliyah. For example, in late 2007, the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Yonah Metzger, wrote a letter on his behalf asking that he be allowed to finally make Aliyah. Rabbi Metzger wrote to the Interior Minister Meir Shitreet. Sheetrit, a notorious leftist, angrily rejected the Chief Rabbi's request.

Interesting is that the Chief Rabbi politically, does not agree with anything that Chaim stands for. 'Chief Rabbi' is an official position, so only an establishment figure will get chosen for this.

Meir Shitreet wrote a letter in response to Yonah Metzger, calling Chaim all sorts of names and claiming Chaim ben Pesach "is a threat to the peace process" and "a threat to democracy in Israel itself"... Even the Chief Rabbi was shocked by this, because such accusations are never used against the muslim terrorists.

Obviously, there is no 'democracy' in Israel. They put people in prison just for expressing rightwing views. Chaim is a threat to his rule in Israel, because Chaim would start a movement that would remove him and the other socialists from power.

This insane masochistic, suicidal political correctness must be stopped. We are giving our enemies rights that we do not even give to our loyal citizens and this goes for Israel, America and the entire West.

Our corrupt, traitorous leaders must be replaced once and for all.
These accounts above should now make it clear to all our readers the level of corruption inside the Israeli government. It should also expose those who are acting against Jewish interests. What we must ask is WHY.
Why are they denying a Jew a return to his homeland? 

The truth is that Chaim is being denied Aliyah because he has acted honourably to save Jewish lives and he paid the price for it. Chaim has sacrificed his own freedom in order that others could be free to make Aliyah.
Sharansky himself a Russian Jew should know and act better than that. But he chose to side with evil and we must never forget that.
Neither should we forget that Netanyahu has ignored his plight, while at the same time he continues to forge relationships with "Palestinian" Arab terrorists.

So we ask all our readers to please contact the Israeli government, principally Mr. Sharansky and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and demand Chaim be allowed to make Aliyah, for he is a Jewish hero who saved over 1.5 million Russian Jews' lives. 

If you do not get a response, chase for one. Keep on writing and demanding an answer. We simply cannot allow these so-called representatives of the Jewish people to act against Jewish interests. If they do not reply, and keep on ignoring our messages, we must write in demand of their resignation for they can no longer represent us.

Chaim is the director of the Jewish Task Force in America, and HaYamin HaAmiti in Israel.

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