Friday, July 27, 2012

Scandalous lack of security at Israeli swimmers’ training camp

Scandalous lack of security at Israeli swimmers’ training camp

In an article by Nadav Zenziper we learn that there was no security at all for the Israeli team during their training at the Olympic camp in Corby.

"The Israeli team – swimmers Nimrod Shapira Bar-Or, Imri Ganiel, Yonatan Kopelev, Gal Nevo and Yakov-Yan Toumarkin and coaches Leonid Kaufman and Hanan Sterling arrived in Corby last Thursday and trained there for five days, on Tuesday they returned to London ahead of the opening ceremonies.

The decision to train at a local university pool was made two years ago. Now it has been revealed that the swimmers and coaches did not receive a security briefing before heading to Corby."

So here we have the most scandalous lack of security of the Olympic games. The training place was decided two years ago, and there was enough time to prepare the security for the Israeli athletes. Moreover, the Israeli government had promised to send Mossad and Shin Bet agents to protect the athletes. So what exactly happened? Why has the Israeli government failed our athletes in such disgraceful and callous manner?

This is unacceptable! 

"Moreover, according to team testimonies, there was no security whatsoever on site – neither Israeli security nor local British security."

So not only the Israeli government fails our athletes, the British government made no plans whatsoever to protect them either. Why do I feel that this sounds like a deliberate negligent act?

"This approach, which left the Israeli swimmers exposed, is puzzling especially when it follows statements by security officials in Israel and around the world whoexpressed concerns over possible terror attack in London. The failing was exposed after the swimmers complained about the matter to their families.

It was especially frightening because this is the Olympics, with all its security implications and global terror," said one senior delegation member. "It is also odd considering what happened in Bulgaria. From our perspective it seems irresponsible."

If anything happens to any of our Israeli athletes, heads will roll...