Friday, July 27, 2012

(+Video) The $9 Cardboard Bike From Israel

(+Video) The $9 Cardboard Bike From Israel

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It only costs Izhar Gafni 9-12 USD to produce this sleek, waterproof and roadworthy cardboard bike. At the behest of his wife (who was tired of Gafni’s talk without action), the Israeli Kibbutznik developed an earth-friendly alternative for urban cyclists that is “so cheap it’s not worth stealing.” Like most innovators, Gafni defied the naysayers who said it’s impossible to make a bicycle out of cardboard in order to realize this creation, though the journey was not without its pitfalls. Check out images taken from Giora Kariv’s six-minute film (below) that demonstrate what a cardboard bike is made of.

Izhar cardboard bike project 

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