Monday, August 4, 2014

Under-Reporting From Gaza

Under-Reporting From Gaza

The news is full of reporting from Gaza--far less from Israel. Most news sources, except in the Israeli and Jewish press, have missed significant information. Here is a top ten of under-reported stories:

10.  Israel continues to provide humanitarian aid to Gaza every day. While rockets are being fired into Israeli cities, Israel delivers tons of food, medical supplies, and thousands of gallons of fuel and gas to the people in Gaza.

9. Israel has set up a field hospital for treating injured Gazans and continues to treat Palestinians, including terrorists, in its hospitals.

8. Hamas blew out its own electrical supply leaving 70,000 people without power. Under rocket fire, Israelis repaired the damage.

7. Billions of foreign aid funds intended for creating infrastructure, businesses, industry and houses in Gaza have gone instead to Hamas leaders, to amassing weapons, and to building a network of underground tunnels for weapons storage.

6. There is no occupation of Gaza. No Jews have been allowed to be in Gaza since 2005. Hamas is the elected government of Gaza and the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

5. Many rockets fired toward Israel land instead in Gaza likely causing injuries and deaths to Palestinians.

4. The majority of people who have been killed in Gaza are men, ages 18-38. This is the demographic of combatants, not of civilians.

3. Israel is fighting against Hamas (not the people of Gaza) because they have been firing rockets into Israeli cities for years and had recently escalated these attacks. Israeli ground groups are trying to destroy the network of concrete tunnels Hamas has built for storing missiles and other weapons. These tunnels run under houses, hospitals, and mosques; some go into Israel, itself.

2. Hamas is fighting against the Israeli people with the goal of killing as many people as possible and terrorizing the country. Their stated goals are to eliminate Israel and kill Jews. Really.

1. Israel's goal is to make the rocket-firing stop and to have peace and quiet in Israel and Gaza.

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