Sunday, August 3, 2014

Exposing The Anti-Israel Media Bias

Exposing The Anti-Israel Media Bias

Sun News Network (Canada)
(As this news channel’s website is geo-blocked outside of Canada I felt it important share this with people outside of Canada)

Anti-Israel demonstrations are engulfing cities in Canada and around the world, often openly in support of Gaza's terrorist-designated Hamas government. But how that story gets told hinges on the bias of media reporting it. In Canada, the CBC won't even use the term ‘terrorist' - so how do they report on a designated terrorist organization? In the US, the Israeli Ambassador chastised a CNN anchor live on-air for that network doing a "disservice" to American viewers by presenting only one-side of the fight.
And why the focus on Israel when the entire region is in turmoil?
Over the course of two days in mid-July, more than 700 people were killed in the ongoing and bloody Syrian civil war. Less than a week later, the militant group ISIS burned down an 1800 year old church in Iraq amid a wake of violence and ultimatums aimed at the country's Christian population.

But barely a peep from the international media.

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