Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pieces of Abbas's OP-ED in Haaretz

Palestine's vision of peace is clear  (see below)

We believe that no just and lasting peace can be achieved without respecting the rights of everyone, including both Palestinians and Israelis.

By Mahmoud Abbas

"Twenty-six years have passed since the Palestine Liberation Organization officially endorsed the two-state solution. In a painful and historic decision, Palestine recognized the State of Israel based on pre-1967 territory, conceding over 78 percent of Palestinian land. Rather than seize this opportunity for peace, the current Israeli government has chosen to use the peace process as a smoke screen for more colonization and oppression. We still wish to believe that our Israeli neighbors do not expect the Palestinian people to live under a system of apartheid. The desire of a peace- and freedom-loving nation for independence can’t be eliminated by force."

"Negotiation serves as a powerful tool for peace, but negotiations must have a stated goal and known parameters."

"Decisive action must be taken in order to ensure that Israeli settlers, illegally residing on and exploiting the territory and natural resources of our state, do not enjoy the same benefits as Israelis living in Israel."

"When the Arab League presented its generous peace plan, the Arab Peace Initiative, Israel’s response was more colonization. This offer, which still stands, offers Israel full recognition and normalization from 57 member countries of the Arab League and the Islamic Conference, in exchange for its withdrawal to the 1967 border and a just and agreed solution to the refugee issue, based on UNGA Resolution 194. Israel will never find a better offer of regional integration than the Arab Peace Initiative."

"At a time when settlers continue to attack Palestinian homes, churches and mosques, when prisoners continue to be mistreated in illegal prisons, when settlements continue to expand, when more than half of our people remain in exile, and when the prospect of a negotiated two-state solution has been almost entirely eroded by the Israeli government, the brave Palestinian people continue to deliver a message of peace and justice to Israel and the rest of the world."

"Despite all Israeli attempts to make our nation accept a reality of exile and apartheid under a cover of impunity, we continue our march toward freedom."

Interesting, no????.....Well, Abbas continually keeps the fabrication business running at full force.  I really love his use of the word "respect".  They have no respect what-so-ever for human life.  Also, the PLO recognition of the state of Israel is a total farce.  They still have in their charter that the state of Israel has to be destroyed.....sounds like a peace-loving people, no?  

The only reason that Abbas and his cronies continue with negotiations is to collect his paychecks from the US, EU, and any of the other suckers who feel the need to give this terrorist money.  Some say Abbas is worth more than $100 million......gee do you you think he earned this through his own sweat...I DON"T THINK SO!!!  

Then Abbas mentions the "Israeli settlers, illegally residing on and exploiting the territory and natural resources of our state".  Well, it is so peculiar that the Abbas and the world for that matter, seem to have severe amnesia.  Just a few things show our legitimacy to OUR land.....The Torah, The Balfour Declaration, The San Remo Agreement,  The British Mandate for Palestine,  and the UN Partition Plan.....just to name a few things.  As far as this apartheid thing, it is totally not true.  Any person has total rights in Israel....Israel is not an apartheid state.  In fact, a black from from South Africa, Kenneth Meshoe, he did not see anything such as apartheid in Israel. 

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