Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Conspiracy Theories and Other Assumptions

Conspiracy Theories and Other Assumptions

Leaders, political or religious, do not always have our best interest at heart. In many cases there are no hidden factors other than personal, political or financial gain.
Dr. Zeev Shemer
When politicians behave illogically, we tend to  assume there are reasons that we simply do not understand which determine the policy that in our limited perspective seems, well, ludicrous.  We are nothing but conspiracy theorists when it comes to our political leadership. 

We assume the military knows what they’re doing.

We assume that there are political and financial pressures kept from the public that drive our leaders to endanger our lives.

Why else would they do such things? 

In a few more weeks Iran will be able to produce nuclear warheads. Iran wanting nuclear energy for peaceful purposes is like Nazis building ovens to bake pizzas.  Which brings to mind the answer to the above conundrum. Leaders, political or religious, do not always have our best interest at heart.  In many cases there are no hidden factors other than personal, political or financial gain.

Look at Ehud Barak, rolling in millions for selling or attempting to sell his country to the highest bidders. Or President Shimon Peres, who has been in the forefront and background of the Israeli political arena since the 1800’s (or so it seems), and continues to compromise Israel’s hegemony, now by offeiing to relinquish parts of Jerusalem to none other but the Vatican. Stupidity, malevolence, self-aggrandizement? Allow me to explain why I think the latter fits the bill in this case..

Throughout the world, but mainly in South America, millions are abandoning Catholicism to join Evangelical Christians.  South America was 98% Catholic. Today, they are roughly 70% and their numbers are dropping with no end in sight. So much so, that the Vatican elected an Argentinian archbishop to be the new Pope and stop that trend. Hardly 30% of Catholics are churchgoers while Evangelical Christian auditoriums are filling up to capacity. So what does this have to do with President Peres? 

Catholics, historically, have not been friendly to Jews. In South America, when Catholics think of a pilgrimage, they think of Rome, visiting the Vatican and maybe an opportunity to glance at the Pope. They worship statues of Saints and the Virgin Mary, continue to have priests that are not allowed to marry, a confessional practice, and a financial obligation to support a church that does little to help the populace.

Evangelical Christians on the other hand, reject all forms of paganism, and they feel that according to the New Testament, they are connected to Israel and the Jewish people. They would love to convert the Jews, make no mistake about that, but for the most part are pro-Israel and supporters of Zionism, the idea that all Jews should return to the Promised Land. We can use friends like these just about now. Most importantly, they have no ties to the Vatican, and for them, a pilgrimage means, visiting the Holy Land. 

This  brings me back to President Peres' motivation for wanting to give parts of Jerusalem, parts that belong to Jewish people and the Jewish people alone, to those who have done nothing for the Jewish State, quite the contrary.

What is his motivation? I leave it to you to connect the dots. I have a better question than that. What motivates Bibi to continue to bow down to Obama and Kerry?

What keeps Bibi from taking care of Iran, knowing well enough that soon dirty bombs that fit in regular backpacks will be distributed throughout the Arab terrorist world? 

What prevents Obama for taking action himself, knowing that the US is certainly a target? 

What motivates Jews to continue to support our Arab enemies? To give food, gas and electricity to those that work so hard trying to figure out ways of destroying us? 

Why are Jewish storeowners forced to close their doors in the north, while tax-free Arab towns like Yarka put them out of business?

Why are Jewish homes being demolished while Arabs build throughout the Negev and the Galilee without any accountability?

Why do some Jews help Israel’s enemies boycott our struggling country?

I do not have the answers to these questions. But if I must take a guess, I’d say we are still the same ghetto Jews, who cannot, for the life of us, figure out, how to behave as a free, proud and independent people.
And why not? Because accepting a leader who stands tall is too scary for a nation that is accustomed to being stepped on and humiliated for the past 2,000 years. It’s so much easier and seems so natural to cowtow to our enemies, relinquish Jerusalem to the Vatican, and bow to an American president who is the definitive representation of decadence.