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Know thine Enemy


by Mordechai Kedar
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The Emirate of Qatar is located on the shore of the Persian Gulf, and lives on top of a large gas well. The tremendous amount of money that flows into this  country has enriched its two hundred thousand citizens incredibly: they do not pay taxes, they enjoy free educational and health services and laugh all the way to the bank. The money enables them not only to purchase anything they want, but also to have a dramatic influence on the Middle East. As a result of this, the ruler of Qatar has become the most influential person in the Arab World, and he is an active partner in significant international processes.

The chief means that the Emir of Qatar uses to influence matters in the Middle East is the al-Jazeera channel, the channel responsible for overthrowing the rulers of the Arab world one after another by means of incitement that it has been conducting against them ever since it began broadcasting, toward the end of 1996. Using this channel, the ruler of Qatar disseminates the doctrine of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is destined- according to his view - to replace all of the secular ideologies (nationalism, socialism, liberalism) that have penetrated into the Islamic world. A central component of the message of the Emir of Qatar and al-Jazeera is that the state of Israel is an illegitimate entity and must be fought with all means available to the Islamic world, mainly by spreading the message that the state of Israel is an illegitimate state that was established by a criminal act and all of its deeds are sin and iniquity.

Al-Jazeera implements all of the principles of taqiyya - deception, or misrepresentation - in order to seem like a fair and balanced station, a station that calls for democracy, individual rights, minority rights and women's rights, but this whole spectacle - produced with attractive and captivating computer graphics - is meant to advance the agenda of the Emir of Qatar: to amass power, to advance the political Islamic movement, to destroy Israel and to minimize as much as possible the influence of the United States in the world. Using taqiyya, the Emir of Qatar organizes international meetings and conferences that are meant to present a picture that is the opposite of his real agenda.

A month and a half ago I presented here my weekly article entitled "The Islamic Winter Blows into Jerusalem" in which I described the steps that the Emir of Qatar is taking in order to uproot Jerusalem from Israel. I noted there, the incredible sums that Qatar has allocated for the matter, about a half billion dollars from a fund of a billion dollars, and the various ways that money can be used to promote the unholy goals of the Emir of Qatar.

And the money indeed is beginning to have an effect: this week the al-Jazeera channel published in a news item entitled (my comments are in parenthesis, M.K.): "The Campaign in Qatar to Support the Perseverance of the People of Jerusalem (the Muslims, against Israel's attempts to take control of the city, M.K.) "  "Ninety prizes were awarded to the public who answered the questions about al-Aqsa (mosque, M.K.)". In this report, under the subtitle "Whoever has donated to it is as if he had prayed in it" (a quote from the Hadith, M.K); yesterday in Doha (the capital of Qatar, M.K.),  the Qatari Red Crescent organized an event in support of the al-Aqsa Mosque to collect donations for the projects dealing with health and education in the blessed city and to help its residents to stand steadfast against expulsion and Judaization. As part of the operation, lectures and competitions were organized relating to the situation of al-Quds, its history and its importance for the caliphs of Islam since the days of Umr ibn al-Khattab (the second caliph, who conquered Jerusalem in the year 638 CE from the Byzantines, M.K.) until the Ottoman period.

In the event that was held in coordination with the association of the "Youth for al-Quds", ninety prizes were awarded to members of the audience who answered the questions about the al-Aqsa Mosque and praises relating to praying within it, its spires and its gates. The Islamic propagandist Dr. Wajdi  Ghuneim gave a lecture in which he clarified that supporting al-Aqsa with one's money and time is "a very valuable sort of jihad". 
Ghuneim pointed out that al-Aqsa has a very important place in Islam and it must remain etched in the memory of society because it is the place from which the honorable prophet was transported at night, it is the third most important mosque and it lies on the ground where the dead will gather before Judgement Day and from where they will arise for judgement. Ghuneim urged the public to invest everything that is dear to them in al-Aqsa and not despair of liberating it, "because victory is with those who fight for Bayt al-Maqdis (the classical name of Jerusalem, M.K.) and the surrounding area, "and G-d sustains his light even if the infidels hate it" (Qur'an, Sura 61, Verse 8).

The head of the board of directors of the Red Crescent of Qatar, Dr. Mohamed bin Ghanem al-Ali al-Ma'adid, exhorted the public to donate to al-Aqsa and to the residents of Bayt al-Maqdis, who "suffer from the most terrible oppression and upon whom manyrestrictive measures are used in order to force them to leave. Al-Ma'adid took care to say that the operation offers important support and that it can help al-Aqsa and its people to cope with the plans to erase (the Islamic identity, M.K.) and Judaize (Jerusalem, according to the plot of, M.K.) the thieving entity (the term meaning Israel for those who won't even say its name, M.K.).

A War Between Cultures (The original subtitle, M.K.)

The deputy head of the Association of al-Quds Youth said to that the event is held because of the war of cultures being conducted in Jerusalem between Israel and the Muslims. Muhammad Darwish added that the association participated in the campaign by disseminating the Jerusalem culture among the youth, to awaken the sense that al-Aqsa,  the captive, is part of the Muslim identity and entity and can never, ever be compromised.

The association organizes conferences and lectures on the matter of al-Aqsa in mosques, schools and commercial centers, in order to connect with the various sectors of society. According to the words of Darwish, this year the association organized a competition on the situation in Jerusalem and its history, which fourteen thousand students in Qatar took part in, and he noted that the rate of participation of the youth in the competition exceeded expectations.

The manager of development of financial resources of the Red Crescent said in a conversation with that the event was held to collect donations for the "Jerusalem Fund", which 
(the Qatari Red, M.K.) Crescent established three years ago, and during the past three years it has raised more than twenty million rials. 'Adel al-Baker clarifies that the function of the fund is to support hospitals and (medical, M.K.) centers in the holy city, and to give monetary support to its residents in order to help them maintain a stronghold in the city and sustain their position. He added that as long as Israel gambles that the Jerusalem families will not be able to stand up to the efforts of Judaization and the attempts to impoverish them, the Muslims must maintain contact with these families, to ease their lives and allow them to survive.

The Arab Conscience (original subtitle, M.K.)

According to the words of al-Baker, this kind of operation must be done continually, so that Jerusalem will not deteriorate from a problem that is central to the Arab conscience into an occasional event that people remember once or twice a year. According to him, he feels that the Jerusalem families derive satisfaction from continual contact with the projects and the support that Qatar offers to Jerusalem and its residents. He calls on the Arab peoples to fulfill their obligations to the holy city and its residents, who are standing strong, who are willing to suffer and are determined fighters.

According to an announcement that the Qatari Red Crescent distributed to the public, it has carried out many projects in Jerusalem during the past three years, including building a day care unit in al-Maqasid hospital and equipping it with medical instruments; building a women's clinic, purchasing ambulances and establishing a water supply network in the village of 'Atara.

This ends the content of the news item, which clearly indicates that Qatar is investing money in Jerusalem, the capital of sovereign Israel, as an activity directly aimed against Israel and its presence in Jerusalem.

Only one conclusion can be drawn from this news item: the Emir of Qatar has decided to begin a war to tear Jerusalem away from Israel, and this is against the Basic Law: Jerusalem, legislated by the Knesset. The Emir of Qatar uses whatever means are available to him - money and communications media - in this phase, which he uses without any constraints.

But the war will not stop in Jerusalem: the Emir of Qatar, using petrodollars, al-Jazeera and the influence that he has amassed in the Middle East and in the world at large, is trying to promote political Islam similar to that of the Muslim Brotherhood and to undermine the Western world,  and its presence and influence on the Arab world and Islam, and since Israel is - according to his view - a Western colonialist project, Qatar must act in order to wipe out Israel, just as Qatar has destroyed Qadhaffi in Libya, bin 'Ali in Tunisia, Mubarak in Egypt, Saleh in Yemen and perhaps Asad in Syria as well. To the Emir of Qatar, Israel is no better than they are, and if it was worthwhile in his eyes to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of Arabs and Muslims in order to get rid of those rulers, then money and many Muslims can be sacrificed to get rid of Israel too.

Israel must recognize the enemy, whose name is the Emir of Qatar, early enough in the war, before it is too late. Identifying the enemy belatedly might make it possible for him to grow, develop, become more powerful and take on dimensions that it will be difficult to cope with.

In the first and immediate phase, Israel must declare Qatar as an enemy state, and abolish any Qatari presence from Israel, especially the al-Jazeera channel. Just as Israel does not allow Hizb'Allah's al-Manar channel or Iran's al-'Alam channel to operate from its territory, Israel must also forbid al-Jazeera to operate from its territory. There is no reason that Israel - as a state that aims to survive as the state of the Jewish people residing in its historical capital - should allow Qatar to conduct media-based jihad against Israel from within Israel. The government of Israel must say to the Emir of Qatar: "You don't need to have offices and studios in Israel in order to conduct your jihad against us. Kindly take them somewhere else to conduct jihad against us."

In the second phase Israel must stop the economic jihad that is being waged by Qatar as it streams funds into the sovereign state of Israel. The monies of Qatar must be defined as funding terrorism, because the Emir of Qatar is the main supporter of Hamas: he is the first Arab leader who visited Gaza under the rule of Hamas, and gave Hamas approximately a half billion petrodollars to develop the terror industry in the state of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and there is no reason that Israel should allow him to turn Jerusalem into another Hamastan. 

In the third phase Israel must conduct a world wide mission to expose the involvement of Qatar in the promotion of political Islam in Western countries, which it does using al-Jazeera in English and Qatari money that flows to those Islamist organizations in the West that identify with the Muslim Brotherhood. The ultimate goal of the Emir of Qatar is to promote the agenda of these organizations, whose purpose is to impose Islam upon the whole world. This purpose became clear to all when the Qatari al-Jazeera channel was specifically chosen by Usama bin Laden to broadcast his recordings during the years that he was in hiding. 

The battle against the Qatari octopus and the various tentacles that it sends out to Israel and the Western world will require a change in legislation, because the current laws, which are built on principles of personal freedom are suitable to those who accept upon themselves the rules of the game which is the Western social and political system. But the Emir of Qatar, the main promoter of the Muslim Brotherhood in the world, takes advantage of the liberal and democratic principles that exist in Israel and in the Western world in order to instill the messages of political, illiberal and anti-democratic Islam, which he believes in and wishes to promote.

In a living body, the immune system must identify every enemy in order to fight it off. A body that does not identify dangerous invaders doesn't understand the danger that it represents to him, does not activate antibodies against them and its fate is sealed, because they grow and develop and when they are discovered, the situation is already irreversible. It is just as important for Israel to identify the enemy and stop its development before it is too late. Qatar is an enemy of Israel and the West, and all traces of its presence must be eradicated from our midst while the situation allows it. Western states are no different from Israel in this matter. 

Full disclosure: the writer of these lines, as an Arabic speaker, is interviewed from time to time on al-Jazeera and presents the Israeli, Jewish, Zionist, Western position to the viewers. This does not detract from his opinion that Israel and the West must rid themselves of al-Jazeera.



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Dr. Mordechai Kedar ( is an Israeli scholar of Arabic and Islam, a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University and the director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East and Islam (under formation), Bar Ilan University, Israel. He specializes in Islamic ideology and movements, the political discourse of Arab countries, the Arabic mass media, and the Syrian domestic arena.

Translated from Hebrew by Sally Zahav with permission from the author.

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Source: The article is published in the framework of the Center for the Study of the Middle East and Islam (under formation), Bar Ilan University, Israel. Also published in Makor Rishon, a Hebrew weekly newspaper.

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