Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Arab Mind

The Arab Mind

John LeBoutillier

Well, it did not take long for the case of the two MIAs to end: They were brutally tortured and then apparently beheaded by the new head of al-Qaida in Iraq.

Perhaps this is their (demented) view of payback for our killing al-Zarqawi two weeks ago. Whatever it is, it further illustrates the brutality of the militant Muslim enemy that we face across the world. And it needs to be made clear that while most Muslims do not behave this way - indeed the overwhelming majority do not - that majority for whatever reason also does not condemn it.

However, the Iraqi government - elected thanks to the courage and sacrifice of our soldiers and taxpayers - seems incapable or unwilling to crack down on these militants.

In fact, many of these murderers are actually members of the Iraqi Army by day, and then at night maraud as Muslim militia members sometimes even killing their own fellow Army troops!

Today's abduction and murder of one of Saddam's lawyers is a case in point: He was abducted from his house by Iraqis wearing police uniforms - and then hours later he was found shot to death and dumped on the street in the Shi'a part of Baghdad.

This is a daily occurrence in Iraq. These militants play both sides of the game - and can't be trusted.

Now, as to our ultimate game plan in Iraq:

What is victory?

In the ideal sense, it is for the elected government to settle things down and establish that indeed democracy can work in an Arab country. The argument goes that in this case, the other neighboring Arab nations would see this, thirst for it and freedom and democracy would grow.

A noble goal indeed.

This depends on Arabs controlling Arabs, however. It requires Shi'a and Sunni to live peacefully together.

So far this is simply not happening.

And we haven't even mentioned the presence of al-Qaida helping to fuel the flames. We make a mistake to believe most of the violence in Iraq comes from al-Qaida; it doesn't. It is homegrown sectarian violence in the form of payback for Sunni brutality over the Shi'a majority under Ba'ath Party rule.

All of this has turned Iraq into a mess.

Yes, a majority of Iraqis were happy to get rid of the brutal Saddam and then to vote in three national elections.

But we have to remember something: They are devout Muslims who do not want Christian and Jewish American troops on their soil for any longer than necessary.

The problem is when do we begin to leave? G.W. Bush says that will be up to "the next president." Thus, we are staying - in some form - through 2008 anyway.

Do we really believe that Iraq will settle down? That Sunni and Shi'a will peacefully coexist? That Iran won't continue to fan the flames of this insurgency if only to gain a stronger foothold in Baghdad?

I believe the Arabs have proven themselves to be incapable of democracy and freedom and dissent and all that goes with it. Plus, other than oil, what have they produced for the world? Anything? Any scientific or creative advances? And progress for their own people?


What we need to do is simple: Stop buying their oil and stop thinking we can change their mentality. They take those dollars and fund terrorists and enrich a few at the upper level - and treat the masses like dirt. Then they allow these poor souls to believe in this insane concept of martyrdom and violence against westerners.

The Arab mentality is the problem here - and we can't change it, as much as we would like to.

The sooner we realize our limitations, the better off we will all be.