Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Accuweather says the Jewish Quarter is in "Palestine"

Accuweather says the Jewish Quarter is in "Palestine"

Last year, CiFWatch noted that the Israeli town of Modi'in is considered to be part of "Palestine" by Accuweather, even though it is within the Green Line. Tweeter "AntiIsrael Douchebag" noticed the same in his mobile app:

Not surprisingly, many Jewish communities in the territories are also considered to be within "Palestine" as well by Accuweather, although Jerusalem is still in Israel at the moment...

Pisgat Ze'ev, a part of Jerusalem, is also in "Palestine" according to Accuweather. (Interestingly, Har Nof is considered Israeli, and so is Maale Adumim.Canada Park, owned by the Jewish National Fund, is considered in "Palestine."

Here's a full list of "Palestine" cities.

As absurd as this is, nothing beats this one I stumbled onto:

"Jewich Quarter"?

It is a good thing that peace plans aren't drawn up by clueless webmasters at weather sites.