Friday, February 8, 2013

The 'Palestinians' show their appreciation to the United States

The 'Palestinians' show their appreciation to the United States

The 'Palestinians' believe that they owe the US nothing. They believe - to the extent that they acknowledge US beneficence at all - that everything the US has done for them was because they deserved it. They don't acknowledge that anything the US (or Israel for that matter) has done for them or for any of them was an act of kindness.

This is how the 'Palestinians' show their gratitude:

The official Palestinian Authority daily newspaper has accused the United States of ordering radical Islamists to commit atrocities in order to justify America's war on terror and its actions against Arabs.

A recent opinion piece in Al-Hayat Al-Jadida claims that after the fall of the Soviet Union, the US needed "a new straw man, whose existence would justify all its wars, all its conspiracies and its policies of supporting oppression."

The writer, Fuad Abu Hajla, who is a regular columnist at the paper, alleges that the US subsequently "urged Islamist movements to commit atrocities that tarnished the image of Islam and Muslims in the world," thereby allowing it to use its war on terror as an excuse to overthrow Arab regimes.

The columnist insists that the American-led "lunatics" were forbidden to operate in Israel - "the Israeli tyrant" - but continue to be responsible for murders, kidnapping and terror in Syria and Algeria.
You can bet that if President Obama meets with Abu Mazen while he's here (which he undoubtedly will), he won't raise anything like this.

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