Tuesday, February 19, 2013

To CBS' Bob Simon, Israelis deserve to be blown up if settlements are built

To CBS' Bob Simon, Israelis deserve to be blown up if settlements are built

Of course, he wouldn't characterize it this way, but how else can you explain this bizarre linkage he suggests?
The $270 million the U.S. has provided Israel to help build Iron Dome is in addition to the three billion dollars Israel gets annually from the U.S. in military aid. Palestinians complain that while all this U.S. support is being given to Israel, the Israeli government has repeatedly defied U.S. policy and approved the construction of new settlement blocks in the West Bank.

Bob Simon: The Americans have already given $270 million dollars.

Ehud Barak: More than this, I believe, along the, yeah.

Bob Simon: And they're promising just the Iron Dome another $660 million--

Ehud Barak: Yeah. Yeah. $680-- probably $211 might be given in the coming fiscal year.

Bob Simon: While the Americans are helping you so much in your defense. Israel goes on building settlements, which is exactly what the Americans don't want. How does that work, when you're asking America for help and doing exactly what the Americans don't want you to do?
....How does it work? I mean, right now, Israel has just announced the building of a gigantic settlement project. This is at the same time that the Americans are providing the money for Israel's most important defense system.
So if Israel builds settlements, Simon is saying, then the US should no longer help fund Iron Dome to save Israeli lives from rocket attacks.

Israelis in Ashkelon must die because the Knesset allows Jews to build houses in their historic homeland.