Monday, August 13, 2012

New Gaza "flotilla" planned; because the world is too obsessed with Syria

New Gaza "flotilla" planned; because the world is too obsessed with Syria

A new Gaza "flotilla" that will probably go nowhere is being planned:
Ship to Gaza, a European activist organization, announced that they are in the process of organizing a new flotilla in solidarity with the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip.

The boat is set to sail on a roughly 5,000 kilometer journey, which is estimated to span between two and three months. Beginning in northern Sweden, it will dock in several countries en route to Gaza, holding events to raise awareness about the Israeli blockade.

“Estelle, our beautiful ship, is going to play a key role in Ship to Gaza’s renewed attempt to break the blockade on Gaza,” reads the organization’s website. “At each stop, there will be speakers, concerts, and public festivals providing information about the situation in Gaza.”
So it isn't a flotilla, it is a boat.

The website doesn't even bother to list what aid it is bringing to Gaza; it just says it is bringing a "cargo of necessities."

The article goes on:
Many detractors claim that the blockade is not the problem, and that the activists are merely staging a publicity stunt.

...Supporters of the flotilla, however, argue that such opponents miss the point.

“The point is publicity. Of course, it’s for publicity.
 We want the whole world to know how people’s lives are being treated contemptuously in Gaza, in all of Palestine,” said Ghassan, a university student from Ramallah.

“The whole world is talking about Syria now and how evil Assad is, but no one has anything to say about the bombings and killings in Gaza,” he added.
Palestinian Arabs who have built their entire culture on the idea of being victims are jealous of those Syrians who have the audacity to be murdered by the thousands, therefore depriving PalArabs of their rightful place in the headlines!