Monday, August 13, 2012

972mag says Egypt attack is really Israel's fault

972mag says Egypt attack is really Israel's fault

The zeal to blame Israel for everything would be comical if so many on the left didn't actually believe it.

The summary of Roi Maor's article in 972mag tells you the latest in 972's absurd anti-Israel "logic":
Lethal Sinai attack is connected to the Gaza blockade

The lethal attack on an Egyptian military outpost, in an attempted incursion into Israel, is another reminder of the terrorist infrastructure in the Sinai Peninsula. This infrastructure was built in part on the basis of the Gaza-Egypt-Israel smuggling industry, which is fueled by the massive restrictions on movement and trade imposed on the Strip by Israel and Egypt.
Wow, how brilliant!

But 972 doesn't go far enough.

In fact, much of the smuggling industry in the Sinai is also from smuggling Africans to Israel. If Israel didn't have Western values and prosperity, then the Africans wouldn't come, there would be less smuggling traffic and Sinai would be safer. Israel should really stop being so damned successful! It's all Israel's fault!

But wait, there's more: if Israel never signed an agreement with Egypt limiting Egypt's army activities in the Sinai, then Egypt could have done more to stop the smugglers and terrorists in the Sinai. Israel should not have insisted in a 1979 peace agreement that their former implacable foe should stay away from the border. They should have allowed the Egyptian army to stay right up against the border to stop the future infiltration of Islamists, which should have been foreseen. It is all Israel's fault!

In fact, if Israel wouldn't have signed a peace agreement with Egypt altogether, then the Sinai would still be under Israeli control and the smugglers and Islamists would never have even come close to Gaza or Israel. How dare Israel sign a peace treaty that inevitably end up killing so many Egyptians in the Sinai. Without Camp David, there wouldn't be any Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai! It is all Israel's fault!

But, of course, you must then go back to the original sin of Israel's creation....

Incidentally, it is interesting that 972 regards an attack on Egyptian soldiers to be a terrorist attack. ("On Sunday evening, terrorists attacked an Egyptian military outpost in the Sinai Peninsula.") Maybe someone can go through the site to see if they ever refer to Arabs who attack Israeli soldiers to be terrorists, without scare quotes.