Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jews "storm" another holy site

Jews "storm" another holy site

From Palestine News Network:
Under the protection of the Israeli Occupying Force, on Monday 10,000 Jewish Zionists congregated at Ibrahim Mosque in Hebron (al Khalil) to celebrate Jewish passover.

The settlers stormed the mosque after the turned up in many buses, coming from nearby settlements and occupied Jerusalem.

According to sources, due to candles being used in the performance of the Talmudic rituals a small fire broke out causing no harm or damage to the mosque.

Ibrahimi mosque, which is considered as one of the most sacred important sites in Islam, was closed for two days by the occupying forces, in order for the Jewish settlers to celebrate Passover. Additionally they closed the streets leading to the mosque and the areas of Tariq ibn Ziyad and Sahla....Israeli's have claimed at least 60% of the mosque.
Look at those Jews, storming a Muslim holy site and forcing the poor Muslims to suffer!

What the article fails to mention is that for most of the year the Ma'arat HaMachpela is divided; 81% of the building is used by the Islamic Waqf and only 19% by the Jews. For ten days a year Jews are given full access, including part of Passover, and for ten days a year Muslims are given full access. This was all part of the signed agreements between Israel and the PLO.

Before 1929, and between 1948-1967, Jews weren't allowed in the building at all. And even after 1967 there were attacks on Jewish worshipers there, including a grenade attack in 1968 and a massacre of Jews in 1980. Jews are not even allowed to do basic repairs to the site, and recently a tent that protected parts of the "Jewish" section from snow and heat fell apart.

But you won't find out about any of that by reading the mainstream media nor (of course) the Palestinian Arab press.