Monday, April 30, 2012

Palestinian Authority Admits Censorship of Websites, Says They Gave Bomb-Making Instructions

Palestinian Authority Admits Censorship of Websites, Says They Gave Bomb-Making Instructions

The other day I reported that a Palestinian Authority spokesperson had denied that the Palestinian Authority had censored websites critical of Mahmoud Abbas.

The Jerusalem Post is now reporting that the Palestinian Authority is defending its censorship of the websites.
PA Attorney-General Ahmed al-Mughni claimed that some of the blocked websites had published instructions how to manufacture explosives. 
…"Some of the websites were blocked for training Palestinians how to manufacture bombs and use them," al-Mughni said without providing evidence.
Under the logic of the Palestinian Authority basically all forums and websites of terrorist groups should be blocked. Are they? NO!

Abbas' dictatorial Palestinian Authority is deliberating targeting any and all of it political opponents and their supporters. While I have not gone through every blocked website, I have spent an extensive amount of time on InLightPress, and have never seen any articles related to bomb-making. ThePalestinian Authority is claiming that the sites advocated violence in order to appear as the victim.

The attempt to appear as the victim, when in fact you are the aggressor is not uncommon. In fact, this is what the Syrian regime is doing. In December 2011, the Syrian Foreign Ministry gave a press conference to discuss the Arab League monitoring mission.

The Syrian Foreign Minister was asked by a reporter: “If these delegations are attacked by armed gangs, wouldn’t it be an embarrassment to the Syrian authorities?” The Foreign Minister responded by saying that “It wouldn’t be an embarrassment. It would give credibility to the Syrian government. It would show that there are armed terrorist gangs. Gangs whose existence is admitted by none.”