Friday, April 11, 2014

Doing what’s good for Israel – Naftali Bennett’s stability initiative

Doing what’s good for Israel – Naftali Bennett’s stability initiative

by anneinpt

Naftali Bennett

Economy Minister Naftali Bennett (from the Bayit Yehudi party)  is proving to be an inventive and pro-active lawmaker and minister who has come up with several interesting ideas for improving Israel’s domestic problems as well as its international status.

He now addresses the question everyone is asking after the failure of the “peace” talks: What Now? – and he provides an answer to his not-so rhetorical question – managing the conflict rather than solving it.

Quoting from his Facebook page:

Now that it is clear to everyone that Abbas does not want peace, we must ask: What do we do now?

The truth is there is no magic solution, and we’ll all have to learn to live with the conflict and manage it.
I believe that Israel should set a goal: Apply Israeli law to the Israeli settlements and territories in Judea and Samaria, while providing an independent administrative authority for the Arabs in the PA territory.

Two years ago we launched our Stability Initiative program, which becomes more relevant by the day.
Even though we are only 12 seats in a coalition of 67, we need to push and push towards our goal.

I’m not sure this plan is 100% foolproof but it is certainly 100% better than any of the stupid Kerry Plans, Oslo Accords, Wye River Agreements and any of the other lopsided agreements that Israel has signed with the Palestinians, most of the conditions of which the Palestinians have not fulfilled, all while demanding that Israel keeps to the last letter.

This plan deserves a proper hearing in the Knesset at the very least, if not a nationwide referendum.

What do you think?