Tuesday, January 14, 2014

We have no other country

We have no other country

Dror Eydar

Here is a grave depiction of the future that awaits us the moment a Palestinian state is established -- the forces of decay and destruction will turn inward. "Human rights" groups, concerned about the rights of everyone except Jews, will, with help from most of the media, embark on a huge and exhausting propaganda campaign to turn Israel into "a state for all its citizens," a Israeli academic concept invented in the 1990s that meant "a state of all nationalities." In other words, turning Israel from a Jewish and democratic state into a state where Judaism is just an interest of one of several ethnic groups.

This is the deeper meaning of the propaganda campaign on behalf of the rights of the work infiltrators. Good people have been mobilized to help the unfortunate Africans. I have heard from a number of these people that they could not have imagined how duped they would end up feeling. Some of the organizations that support the naturalization of infiltrators also advocate for a boycott of Israel, slandering us around the world. These groups organize the protests and marches and feed the gullible media with heart-wrenching stories. Who taught the infiltrators to shout at us in Hebrew, "Go back to Russia, Yemen and Morocco"? Where did they get this chutzpah?

Few of the infiltrators are war refugees. We have seen war refugees throughout the world -- they migrate with their families, not alone. Most of the infiltrators in Israel came here to find work. The jobs they fill come at the expense of jobs for Israelis from disadvantaged sectors.

It is difficult to live in Africa. But does that mean we must absorb all citizens of that continent? Why just those who demonstrated? We are a small country, dealing with our own diverse population groups that toil hard every day, and we need to meet their needs. We have no room for uninvited strangers. There are not just a few hundred of them, or even a few thousand.

The appeal to the good will of Israelis is perplexing. The call to "love thy neighbor" was set as the great principle in the Torah by Rabbi Akiva after Rabbi Hillel based the entire Torah on this moral principle. But Akiva also taught us, "Your brother should live with you -- your life takes precedence over the life of your friend's." Our moral treatment of others depends primarily on our moral treatment of ourselves. We are not responsible for other people if we are not first responsible to ourselves, family and friends. That is to say, love of a stranger must be reconsidered if we do not love our brothers and sisters.

This ancient truth is our guiding principle -- helping strangers is fine, as long as it does not come at the expense of our lives. We are not responsible for the livelihoods of the infiltrators. Helping these strangers at the expense of our brothers in the neighborhoods of south Tel Aviv, and to a certain extent Israeli Arabs, is a perversion of morality.

This can be seen in the boundless hate campaign being conducted against Interior Minister Gideon Sa'ar and citizens who are fed up with their neighborhoods having become refugee camps. The use of the memory of the Holocaust -- the comparison of refugees to infiltrators and open holding facilities to concentration camps, God forbid -- is so idiotic, it undercuts the moral foundation of the organizations that advocate for the infiltrators.

Israel is the only state the Jewish people have. We need to preserve this place for the future generations of our people. We have no other country.